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Amy Gomer

Hello fellow runners/aspiring runners! My name is Amy and I have been a “runner” now for around 5 years after completing my first half marathon for charity in 2012 in 2:10! Having completed the race the words “never again” left my mouth… to then find me 24 hours searching for my next race!! Yes, I have the “running bug”!

Since then I found a love for running, health and fitness, and have now completed 16 Half Marathons and 2 full marathons where I have now qualified for a good for age place in VLM 2018.

Running is now a huge part of my life, whether it’s 7am before work, a weekend or if I’m on holiday; I find joy in running and exploring. I enjoy sharing this passion with my friends, family and helping people start their running journey.

I love running because it’s simple. You can put on your shoes and go. Wherever you are. Whatever the time.

While running is a simple act, it also introduces so many complex things into life. It introduces a routine; purpose and structure–everything from meal times to bed time. If you’ve got a long run to do at 6am, 9pm bedtimes are a good idea!

Another OBVIOUS for most, is that it burns calories. If you love to eat (or love cake like me!!), running is the best!

Those are all internal reasons;

However, the external reasons are the most sentimental to me… Running connects us to nature and to the community. You’ll be amazed by the truly wonderful people running can bring into your life, and you can find yourself on runs, in the middle of nowhere, just you and the world. This amazing world we live in, sometimes it’s amazing just to breathe deeply and truly admire nature.

Finally, the most enduring connection of all. Running connects our minds with places you may have never been before. Pushing yourself to run 26.2 miles, when by mile 18 your body is screaming stop, but you have to just keep going. Training your brain and realising what you’re truly capable is amazing. I remember training for my first marathon and completing a 20 mile run (the furthest run I had done at the time) – I felt on cloud 9 and on top of the world, I will never forget someone saying “alright, you haven’t won the olympics” – it hurt me a lot, I was so proud and no one would take that away!

Believing in yourself and what your body can do is amazing, and has taught me a new way of living and to overcome daily stresses.

I am currently running a 5 Half Marathon in 5 week challenge throughout October for 5 superb charities to do my bit to make a difference. I will be running: Cardiff, Bournemouth, Manchester, Stroud, and the River Thames Half Marathons – if you’re around please say HI!
I would finally like to thank my inspiring amazing super mum who has ran an amazing 1:28 Half Marathon and 3:28 VLM. You inspire me every single day, and I owe my running journey to you from the time you supported me to run my first 13.1 for Nanny.

I cannot wait for this wonderful expo to meet like minded individuals and celebrate running!