25–26 Jan 2025 328 days to go! #RunShow

Andrea Wolstenholme

Until early 2015 I was one of those people who genuinely thought they couldn’t run, not even for a bus!

A good friend persuaded me to join a ladies beginners running group where I discovered that actually I could! Not only that but I love it which is an even bigger surprise. I now run 4 to 5 times a week either in a group or on my own. Running off-road is my absolute favourite.

This year I am aiming to run 1000 miles as well as completing a range of distance events up to half marathon. I am part of a great group of runners as well as on the core team for our local parkrun and coach U11s at our club. Having been vegan for over 20 years I am also part of Vegan Runners UK. I love to share my passion of running and support new runners to achieve their goals and believe in themselves. Running has definitely changed my life.