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Anthony Turner a.k.a Running Dads

My name is Anthony Turner and I am the Founder of Running Dads; an online social community promoting the efforts of dads everywhere that inspire their children to embrace health,fitness and achievement.

We have a number of Official Supports including RUNR, Racecheck, TrueSapien, Run Your Own Races, Fitness Rewards, SportsPASS, Provitz Sports, Hashtag #01 and AW Fitness, and have two Official Ambassadors; Roger Black and Yiannis Christodoulou.

Running Dads was born of my passion for running and the body and mind fitness benefits derived from it. But it doesn’t stop there. The aim is to also extend this passion and example to my son, so that he may also aspire to the benefits of an active lifestyle and to appreciate the meaning of setting personal challenges.

You see, I am a runner. I’m a Dad. I’m a running Dad. And my idea is that, as I am not alone in that, there is a community of us out there who enjoy not only the body and mind fitness benefits, but also part of our motivation is to extend this to our children. Running Dads is a way to bring those people together; to share experiences, hints & tips, blogs or vlogs and to brag a little to those who will listen as to what has been achieved. Whether it’s a 5km or ultra, trail or road; it’s all relative to the person undertaking the challenge.
I want Ethan, my son, to know what it is to have an aspiration and challenge and be able to meet it. To achieve something through hard work, commitment and sacrifice and reap the rewards. To understand healthy mind and healthy body is equally important and that it isn’t about the distance; it’s the journey. That’s why I run. That’s why many of us do.

Running Dads has gathered much momentum in the 9 months since its inception. Celebrating achievements of like-minded people and offering advice through my own experience and also from the wider community. Running Dads has a growing and varied social media presence reaching over 4200 through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Strava and our blog is full of posts from the running community covering a diverse range of topics.