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Carla Knighton

Hi, I am Carla. I have always been a running enthusiast, it has been the foundation in my life for as long as I can remember and always will be.

Exercise gives me the bubbly, passionate energy that I like to bring to my life. I won’t ever exercise to get ‘skinny’ and I try to be a role model for female runners by embracing strength training and fuelling my body correctly to allow it to take me on all the crazy adventures I have planned.

I have taken on countless half marathons, 10ks etc but my first marathon stands out like it was yesterday, the year was 2018 and the location was London. A turning point in my running career and the mileage and enthusiasm has kept rising from there. I run all distances as well as cycle, weight lift and anything else to move but social runs are my favourite.

I actively engage in the running community, my favourite contribution is being a Pacer/Run Leader for WeareRunners, a run club that was set up by Twice the Health. I love it as I get to lead groups around amazing London routes whatever their running experience, answer their questions and see them fall in love with running. I am also a member of London City Runners which I often volunteer at as I love to be involved where I can.

I love engaging with runners on social media and in person whether it’s giving encouragement or participating in challenges. I can’t wait to meet more of the running community at The National Running Show events and share our passion for exercise. I have a YouTube channel as well as Instagram, I am Carla Moves on both of them. They are there to motivate other runners by sharing my own training and making it entertaining where possible. Life is too short not to have fun right?