20–21 Jan 2024 41 days to go! #RunShow Tickets

Ellie Finey

My running adventure started as a 4-year old at Primary school… not that I knew it! My dad was a 400m runner and from a young age, I seemed to pick up the bug without realising.

I would run cross country, sprints and play any sport which involved running such as football!

Throughout my childhood and teens running was the most consistent form of therapy and kept me healthy. It tailed off a little into my adulthood, until March 2020 when the pandemic hit. What started as a furlough hobby, has become one of the biggest parts of my life, I think about it every day, I strive to know how I can do better, perfect every aspect and consistently improve. I have found myself working on things I never would’ve considered like form, running styles and training methods.

I now help those around me where necessary to improve and work on areas they need help with, from my sister to my colleagues. Helping people improve gives me so much pride in how far I have come myself as a runner.

I am looking forward to getting some races under my belt, with the vitality 10,000, great south run and two trail runs down on the south coast booked for this year alone.

I would love to be able to share my experiences, insights and happy energy with anyone who needs it through this ambassadorship!