25–26 Jan 2025 276 days to go! #RunShow

Leigh Brown

I applied for the 2017 London Marathon as a last ditch attempt to find motivation to lose weight. I was 19 stone, Unhappy and very low in confidence. What I learned about myself during the training made me realise I can achieve anything that I set my mind to. Since Running the Marathon I have run the Great North Run, The Big half in London, The London Landmarks and the London Marathon Again (the last 3 being part of a 12 race challenge I have set myself for 2018 for Charity the other 9 races include The great North Run again, The Weymouth Half Marathon, The Bournemouth Marathon and The Hertfordshire Half Marathon) Since losing 5 stone during my training I no longer feel Lost I am due to start a personal training course and in October I will start my Open University Psychology degree. I owe all this it running. It gave me the freedom to find out my purpose and ignite my passion for running and Motivation.