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Michelle Louise Castro

I was late to the party when it comes to fitness I started my fitness journey at the age of 30 not having been involved in any sport for years. My first adventure was Tough Mudder Scotland and I have continued to Run, Cycle, Swim and attend various Tough Mudder events ever since. All of the fitness and training I do such as bootcamps is because of my love of Tough Mudder. My hobby even lead me to gain a career in the sports industry working for SCOTT sports, which gives me the time to run/cycle commute and train during free periods which is endorsed and encouraged by the company. I am also a This Girl Champion encouraging women to get into sport. I have put myself through courses with backing and funding from local councils as a run leader and a ride leader course to encourage others into sport . I truly believe that a healthy, fit body leads to a healthy mind. I want other people to enjoy the benefits that sport brings and encourage others to try sporting events as it brings people together to enjoy the community and sport of OCR and what it has to offer. I have been lucky enough to gain sponsorship last year from Active Root whom keep me hydrated at events and I have worked closely with Obstacle Race Magazine writing reviews and being a community leader. I have recently been appointed an ambassador role with Tough Mudder this year and Summit Crazy also.