25–26 Jan 2025 330 days to go! #RunShow

Michelle Parkes

Michelle Parkes set up Plog-olution with friend Dermot Kavanagh as a way to bring together two passions; running and protecting the environment. Michelle did her first 5k back in 2008 and since then has participated in numerous races including 3 marathons and an ultra obstacle course race over 40 miles with 400 obstacles. Michelle is a firm believer in the powerful impact that running can have on mental health and runs regular obstacle course races. Plog-olution brings together local communities to promote healthy living and cleaner local areas. All plogs are free to attend and a range of routes are on offer to cater for all fitness levels. Next year Michelle and Dermot intend to complete an ‘ultra plog’ which will involve running and picking up rubbish along the 184 mile length of the Thames.