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Nicky Thomas

I’m 56 and aim never to grow up!
I have always been a sporty person playing every sport I got the chance to when I was young. I got into running a few years back starting with couch25K and I amazed myself in completing it. ( Never really liked running!)
I prefer run/walk (jeffing) these days. It suits me.
I work mainly as a professional photographer for the last 35 years, this last year has been somewhat more diverse, I am also an ILM qualified coach using neuroscience learning to help people overcome their limitations by changing their behaviours.
I run because of my partner and I’ve joined an amazing group called Runpals and the support within the group is second to none. I met Alison & Mick during park runs and started to guide run last year. It’s fabulous and to think even I, a slow runner can help out with guide running. It’s a great privilege and I think really they guide me, not the other way around!
My passion is scuba diving and underwater photography 🙂