25–26 Jan 2025 277 days to go! #RunShow

Sharif Owadally

It started out with some volunteering at events (Robin Hood Marathon, Parkrun, Tour of Britain), escalated into taking some Run Leader groups, and then exploded when I agreed to help Nikki Love on her 63 Marathons in 63 Days adventure!

From planning the routes, the travel logistics, and supporting her during the day, to feeding her in the nights, and patching her up before bed, I ended up doing a fair bit to make it successful.

And it carried on after that!  A run around Malta (which I did with her and still managed to do the supporting!!), was followed by a run around Ireland (being the driver, doing laundry in petrol stations, booking B&Bs on the road, trying to blag free hotel rooms!), and then multiple mini adventures since.  And of course, the big one to come, planning and supporting her Run Across Australia.

I’d found a happy place involved in running, that didn’t involve me running 😊

“Do you run as well?” I get asked a lot.  I dabble in the odd run and race here or there…but the fear of Nikki saying “Oh, I can be your support crew for that race!” keeps me away from too many of them 😉