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Tom Dunning

Thomas Dunning, otherwise known online as his alias “Mental Health Runner” is a mental health advocate sharing his various personal stories from suicide to recovery. He runs the website mentalhealthrunner.co.uk as a platform to share his tales to break down the walls of mental health stigma and hopefully save lives of those suffering in silence. At his worst, Tom attended A&E twice in one night often because he couldn’t take anymore. With the help of his wife Amber, Thomas found running – a simple activity where he can lace up his trainers and go wherever the roads take him; this is where he made the discovery on how physical exercise benefits mental health. Thomas was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder / Emotionally unstable personality disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder and is driven to help show the world its okay to not be okay. Now he’s on the recovering end, he’s making a stand in the world to help break the silence, de-stigmatise and help others on their journey through the quagmire of mental health. If there is 1 in 4 people suffering with a mental health problem, there is always 3 others who can help save a life.