Luke Tyburski

Luke Tyburski is an endurance adventurer, motivational speaker, and health & wellness coach, who draws on his own unique experiences to inspire others to dream big, get out of their comfort zone, and live life!

Luke travelled the world playing football in his 20’s, until injury forced him to retire, triggering a dark & lonely ongoing battle with clinical depression; his salvation was discovering the world of extreme endurance sport.

Luke’s first ever event was the Marathon des Sables, running through the Sahara Desert, he followed this up by cycling 18 hours in a day, just to learn how to surf he following day.

He ran down Mt Everest in the world’s highest ultra-marathon, The Everest Ultra, as well as running for his survival through a tropical Chinese forest without any food, water, money, and with a plane to catch!

His first triathlon was The Double Brutal Extreme Triathlon; it took him 35 hours, the run leg a double marathon, after summiting Mt Snowden in North Wales.

In 2015 Luke completed The Ultimate Triathlon, a unique 2,000km, 12-day solo triathlon from Morocco to Monaco.

A documentary was made capturing this epic challenge, and is available online now!

The Ultimate Triathlon Documentary: