3D gait analysis is an assessment of your joint movement patterns to determine exactly how you are running. We will be able to see what is happening at your ankles, knees, hips, and pelvis to determine root causes to any injuries, as well as key areas to improve your efficiency and performance!

Gait analysis is designed Runners, walkers, injured or non-injured. You just need to be able to move on a treadmill comfortably!

During the analysis, in order for our cameras to see you, we have to marker you up with straps and reflective dots. Once you’re all ready to go, you will be asked to run or walk on the treadmill for approximately 30 seconds to a minute. From here, your markers will be taken off of you and your report will be immediately generated and interpreted by one of our gait analysis experts.

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Depending on your results and questions, we may have some recommendations on shoes and exercises to help improve your running, or recover from an injury. At the National Running Show, this process could take about 15 – 30 minutes.

Just bring your running shoes, shorts are essential (the shorter the better), a comfortable running top, and a bit of patience!

What about if you’re injured? Well, running injuries are complicated. The longer you have an injury, the more your body is going to compensate for its abnormal movement patterns. How you run is one of the biggest contributing factors in a running injury, specifically things like over-striding. With a 3D gait analysis, we can determine exactly what your joints are doing when you are running, and from here we can determine the root cause to your injury. Come talk to one of our experts at the show to find out how Run3D can help you.

If you want to get faster, we can help! We see your biomechanical issues as opportunities to make improvements and create marginal gains for better performance. The principle of marginal gains is all based on making small incremental improvements, which result in a significant improvement when they are all added together.

3D gait analysis is different to 2D analysis. Research has shown that only 3D assessments are accurate enough to detect the small movement patterns that might cause a running injury. Since most running shops only use one or two cameras, they can only measure your biomechanics in 2D, and are often inadequate for carrying out an accurate assessment. At Run3D, we use 3 infrared cameras to measure your movement patterns in all three dimensions – transverse, sagittal, and frontal planes.

Please note, to avoid cancellations on this very busy area, the Gait Analysis will include a participation fee.

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