Nutrition Advice Zone

Nutrition is a complicated and divisive subject for runners, with many conflicting opinions about how best to fuel for your training and events.

Nutrition should be about personal choice, but there are some widely-agreed core principles that you can follow to ensure that you fuel correctly.

To help with this, we have joined forces with Alex Cook The Sports Dietitian to deliver the Nutrition Advice Zone. In this area you will find:

  • Qualified Sports Dietitians and nutritionists that can give you simple and constructive advice
  • Handouts that cover basic advice for running nutrition
  • Meal ideas for runners

The Sports Dietitian is owned by Alex Cook, a UKA Athletics Coach and competitive ultra-distance runner with more than a decade of experience in performance nutrition. She specialises in endurance nutrition supporting a range of athletes from Ultra-distance runners, elite level junior athletes to consulting for polar and high altitude expeditions in challenging environments. She has produced nutrition content and many plans for numerous publications and outdoor brands, including; Trail Running, Athletics Weekly, The North Face and Adidas Terrex.

Joining Alex will be other experienced sports dietitians, including Sharmain Davis, Gemma Sampson, and Cara Sloss.

You can read more about Alex here:

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