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How do I get to the NEC and what facilities are available?

Opening Times

The show will be open 9am - 5pm on both Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January 2023.


You can book your tickets through See Tickets

If you have a query about a ticket please follow this link:

I bought a ticket, but didn't receive it by email.

You can track your ticket order here

Which days are my tickets valid for?

All tickets are valid for both days of the weekend, so you can attend the show on either/both days!

What hall is the show at?

The National Running Show is in halls 17 & 18.

Can I buy a VIP ticket?

We have made a decision as a brand not to charge for these tickets, but if you follow us on social media then you might be able to win one for free!

Can I bring children with me?

Any adult can bring a child under 16 without charge, you can book this ticket when you book your own ticket through See Tickets.

Can I bring my pet?

Only support animals are allowed inside the Hall.

Where can I stay nearby?

You can book overnight accommodation through our official hotel partner BCD M&E. Please note: only BCD M&E are the official accommodation partner for the Show. If you receive offers / information from other companies claiming to be official partners for booking accommodation, they are not genuine partners.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The NEC have now installed 22 slow charging EV charging points for visitors with electric or hybrid vehicles with each the points will delivering a minimum of 3.5 k These are available on a first come first served basis. EV charging points are located in the below car parks when they are open:
  • North Car Park 2 (2 charging points)
  • East Car Park 1 (6 charging points)
  • South 7 (6 charging points)
The charge points require a type 2 connector lead. More information can be found in the  NEC Charge Points User Guide Guaranteed Charging: If you would like to guarantee an EV charging point for the day, we also have eight bookable points in our Premium NEC Express 1 Car Park. Charger use fees are outlined in the user guide below and normal parking fees also apply. The charge points require a type 2 connector lead. More information can be found in the NEC Charge Points User Guide.

Will there be food stalls?

Yes, there will be a number of NEC-managed food stalls, and some of our exhibitors will sell packaged food items.

Will I need ID?

We don't require ID to gain entry to the Show.

What time can I arrive?

We allow entry to the Hall any time during the day between 09:00 and 17:00 on both days.

Do I need to book to see a speaker?

No, all speaker talks and panels are free-to-attend and are first come, first served.

What is your sustainability policy?

Read more about our sustainability policy here.


The NEC are following industry and government guidelines regarding Covid. As event organisers your safety is important to us. We encourage all visitors to check the latest information from the NEC before attending the event to make sure that they have the required documentation to enter the venue –

Do I have to wear a face covering?

We are adhering to government guidelines, for everyone's safety, face coverings must be worn throughout the venue - unless you are exempt.

My question isn't here

If you still have a question, please email us on [email protected]
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Dina Asher-Smith

Dina Asher-Smith

Dina Asher-Smith is the fastest British woman in history. Read more

Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer

TV and radio presenter Jenni Falconer ran her first marathon in 2009 and was clearly bitten by the running bug as she is now training for her 9th marathon. Read more

RunPod Live

Sunday 11:15 - 12:00
Inspiration Stage

Emma Kirk-Odunubi

Emma Kirk-Odunubi

Emma Kirk-Odunubi is a Sports Science graduate, Strength and Conditioning coach, and a group-exercise instructor specialising in running. Read more

The Women’s Running podcast: Strength on trails

Saturday 14:00 - 14:45
Running Skills Theatre

How to return from injury, mentally and physically, in your running

Saturday 15:00 - 15:30
Running Skills Theatre

How to return from injury, mentally and physically, in your running

Sunday 11:30 - 12:00
Running Skills Theatre

Anna Harding

Anna Harding

Anna's a familiar face amongst the running community, as she heads up The Running Channel on YouTube - an online space for runners of all abilities to learn about running and be entertained by running-related challenges, as well as hear about all the latest gear launches. Read more

Welcome from host

Saturday 09:20 - 09:30
Running Skills Theatre

Close from host

Saturday 16:15 - 16:20
Running Skills Theatre

Welcome from host

Sunday 09:50 - 10:00
Running Skills Theatre

Close from host

Sunday 15:45 - 15:50
Running Skills Theatre

David Hellard

David Hellard

David Hellard is an adventurer, obstacle race enthusiast, ultra marathon runner, running journalist, founder of Caffeine Bullet and presenter on The Bad Boy Running Podcast. Read more

The challenge behind the challenge: Getting ultras right

Saturday 12:00 - 12:45
Inspiration Stage

How to run your first ultra

Saturday 13:45 - 14:15
Inspiration Stage

Everybody welcome? How we can work together to make running more inclusive

Saturday 15:15 - 16:00
Inspiration Stage

Esther Newman

Esther Newman

Esther is the editor of Women’s Running magazine, and the host of the Women’s Running podcast. Read more

The Women’s Running podcast: Strength on trails

Saturday 14:00 - 14:45
Running Skills Theatre

John Kelly

John Kelly

Having never raced further than a 10k in 2013, John Kelly became only the 15th finisher of the infamous Barkley Marathons in 2017. Read more

John Regis

John Regis

Read more

Nicky Edwards

Nicky Edwards

Nicky Edwards is a Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist, and avid runner. Read more

Female-specific training: How to outrun the menopause and smash your PB!

Saturday 09:30 - 10:00
Running Skills Theatre

Sally McRae

Sally McRae

Sally McRae is a professional ultra-mountain runner, recently winning the Toughest Footrace on the Planet, BADWATER 135. Read more

Sharif Owadally

Sharif Owadally

It started out with some volunteering at events (Robin Hood Marathon, Parkrun, Tour of Britain), escalated into taking some Run Leader groups, and then exploded when I agreed to help Nikki Love on her 63 Marathons in 63 Days adventure! From planning the routes, the travel logistics, and supporting her during the day, to feeding her in the nights, and patching her up before bed, I ended up doing a fair bit to make it successful. Read more

The challenge behind the challenge: Getting ultras right

Saturday 12:00 - 12:45
Inspiration Stage

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The Inspiration Stage

Sponsored by
Sports Tours International

Sports Tours International logo
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Sponsored by Sports Tours International, get inspired by listening to some of the greatest runners of our time. Find out what motivates them, hear them share their stories and join the debate with a range of panel sessions.

Hosted by Iwan Thomas and Susie Chan, this stage is a popular feature of the show. There is also an opportunity to meet the celebrities after they have spoken in our ‘meet and greet’ area. This is your chance to get an autograph and that all important selfie.


Running Skills Theatre

Sponsored by

Runderwear logo
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The Running Skills Theatre offers you practical advice from a wide range of expert speakers.

This is your opportunity to find out how to run better, how to recover faster, how to pace yourself and how to manage your nutrition. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions after each presentation.

Full programme will be available in due course.

The Ultra Zone

Sponsored by
Bad Boy Running Podcast

Bad Boy Running Podcast logo
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The Ultra Zone, in partnership with Bad Boy Running and sponsored by Erdinger Alkoholfrei, was a new feature in 2020 and was so popular that we have more than doubled the size for 2021. As well as featuring stands with essential equipment for ultra distance runners; this zone includes a stage for fireside chats hosted by the team at Bad Boy Running.

Speakers will include the legendary Lazarus Lake and inspirational runners who will share their stories and give advice on how to achieve your goals.


The Trail Zone

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For more than 230 years, Ordnance Survey has helped people explore Great Britain. Today, we’re encouraging even more people to get outside more often, with our iconic paper maps, digital mapping (available on web and mobile) and inspiring guides.

We’re excited to be running the Trail Zone at the National Running Show. Stop by for a chat and find out how OS Maps can transform your running, allowing you to explore new territories, discover new routes and go further than ever before.

Choose from thousands of trusted running routes or create your own with highly accurate on and offline mapping across Great Britain. Use Aerial 3D to fly-through your routes to check the terrain and once you’re out the door, record your activity and learn more about local landmarks with innovative augmented reality.

Get one month free Premium OS Maps subscription by using code OSMRUN1 at checkout and discover the great British outdoors.

For inspiring guides to help you get outside visit

The Gait Analysis

Sponsored by
Chiltern Physiotherapy

Chiltern Physiotherapy logo
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Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. Poor foot position can cause pain in your feet, knees, hips and lower back, as well as balance issues and poor posture. So many runners suffer recurrent niggles and injuries that could be prevented by correct foot position and biomechanics.

Specialist custom 3D printed orthotics loved by elite athletes but beneficial for EVERYONE!

Phits 3D printed insoles are the choice of elite athletes such as Lily Partridge, Charlotte Purdue, Aly Dixon, Natasha Cockram, Tom Evans, Ben Connor and Steph Davis.

Orthotic assessment with our expert Phits™ certified physiotherapists includes a gait analysis using a high speed footscan® (force platform) system that monitors the mechanics of your feet to identify any asymmetries or abnormalities, providing detailed information that simply cannot be seen with the human eye. The footscan® technology intuitively translates this dynamic data into the Phits Insole design to complement the expert knowledge of our physiotherapists and your personalised orthotics are then 3D printed to fit your exact requirements.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, our 3D printed Phits insoles will help your feet adopt the correct foot position, improve your movement efficiency and minimise your risk of injury. They are protected by D3O®, the leading impact protection material, which offers maximal shock absorption, comfort and extreme durability.

Orthotics can reduce pain by relieving pressure from the painful areas. The footscan® (force platform) system highlights where the forces are transmitted through your feet while you are in motion. We are able to see areas of excessive force that can be source of your problems and reduce these forces with orthotics to prevent problems before they even happen.

Orthotics aren’t just beneficial for pain relief, they are widely used as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of injury, minimise fatigue and improve running performance.

No two feet are the same – including yours! Unlike ‘off the shelf’ orthotics, our Phits™ orthotics are specific to each individual foot, and not a ‘generic’ pair.

Book your gait analysis with our expert Phits™ certified physiotherapists for a special running show price of £30 (usually £99 in our clinic!). There will be some ‘walk up’ availability (no pun intended) but secure a time that is convenient for you to avoid having to wait.

After your assessment, if you need orthotics and decide to purchase your £30 assessment cost will be deducted from the price of your orthotics.

Steve Cram's Training Camp

Sponsored by
Steve Cram Training Camps

Steve Cram Training Camps logo
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The Steve Cram Training Camp LIVE will be delivering a snapshot of what these fantastic coaching and training weekends offer annually. Steve will be on hand with many of the Camp regular contributors answering questions and offering advice from all areas of running training. Whatever your level, Steve’s ethos is that we can learn from the Elite’s, and the training camp weekends do exactly that in some of the UK’s most stunning surroundings. The live sessions run across both days:

09:30-10:45 HOW TO RUN FASTER
Steve Cram, Lewis Moses and Dane Mitchell

Gemma Hillier-Moses, Dane Mitchell and Paul Hobrough

12:30-13:45 WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?
Steve Cram, Paul Hobrough and Lewis Moses

Gemma Hillier-Moses, Paul Hobrough and Steve Cram

15:30-16:45 HOW TO RUN FASTER
Dane Mitchell, Paul Hobrough and Lewis Moses

Gemma Hillier-Moses, Louise Sutton and Paul Hobrough

Josh Rowe, Louise Sutton and Steve Cram

12:30-13:45 WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?
Steve Cram, Louise Sutton and Paul Hobrough

Josh Rowe, Steve Cram, Lewis Moses and Gemma Hillier-Moses

Lewis Moses, Steve Cram and Paul Hobrough

Download PDF

The Run Café

Sponsored by

Runderwear logo
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The Run Café, at the centre of the show, is a great meeting point and the perfect place for a community catch up!

Come and meet other visitors while you relax, unwind and refuel with our selection of vegan food and drinks available to buy. Should you wish to purchase non-vegan food and snacks, these will be available towards the back of the show.

This area is sponsored by the leading performance running brand Runderwear who provide a solution to a problem that is the bane of many runner’s lives – chafing.

The Run Clinic

Sponsored by
The Movement and Running School

The Movement and Running School logo
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The Running School – Founded by Mike Antoniades.

We have developed Movement Re-patterning methodologies, programmes, and protocols. We have worked with over 75,000 individuals in the past 25 years. The methodologies are being used at 40 Running School & Movement School centres and over 50 Certified Running Specialists in the UK, Germany, Norway, Spain, Japan, Austria, Australia, UAE & USA.  We specialise in movement biomechanics, movement re-patterning for rehabilitation, running biomechanics, running technique and performance training. The centres were set up to provide individuals of all abilities the expertise & support usually reserved for elite athletes. We also train and Certify Running coaches and deliver CPD courses.


The Running School will be running two different workshops on both Saturday & Sunday at the National Running Show:

Live Biomechanical Analysis

Observe a live biomechanical running analysis on a Running Show attendee. Discover how easy and efficient it can be to perform a full body video analysis on a runner to identify running technique patterns. We will show and talk you through the runner’s movement patterns and will link these movement patterns to potential injury and running inefficiency. This will be followed by a question-and-answer session.

Learning Points for those attending the session:

  • Learn about the movement patterns that may have contributed to the injury
  • Learn about the compensatory movement patterns that may be associated with past injury or habits
  • Learn about movement patterns that decrease running efficiency
  • Gain tips on how you can incorporate this into your training

Live Dynamic Movement Skills Workshop

Observe and participate in a live demonstration on how to re-educate motor patterns after injury and how they are being applied to Rehabilitation and Performance for Runners. See how to train the nervous system, how to warm-up and activate the key muscle groups that you need for running and how to re-train the movement patterns and the proprioceptive system after injury.

Learning Points for those attending the session:

  • Discover effective exercise-based rehab methods & techniques
  • Learn glute and hamstring activation techniques for rehab and performance
  • Learn how to interact with the ground so you can be lighter and faster when running
  • Get insights on how the Rehabilitation for Runners Programme works

The Saucony Running Track

Sponsored by

Saucony logo
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Head here for:

  • Testing Saucony shoes
  • Small group coaching sessions with Nick Anderson from Running With Us
  • Live interviews with Saucony athletes and special guests

The Strength Zone

Sponsored by
Renovate Wellness

Renovate Wellness logo
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  • Are you one of the 80% of runners who get injured every year?
  • Are you fed up of constant niggles interfering with your training and preventing you from achieving your running goals?
  • Spent more time cheering on your friends rather than participating in events?

Running, especially long distance running is catabolic – it breaks down muscle! Without running specific strength training you will gradually get weaker and injuries will become the norm. Strength and conditioning training is ESSENTIAL to help you avoid injury and run faster, further and stronger and smash your running goals!

Renovate Wellness is a boutique gym set up by physiotherapist and avid runner Nicky Edwards (who is speaking at the show) and her physiotherapist husband to help support runners of all abilities to reach their full potential. Whether that be participating in their first park run, running their first ½ or full marathon, or trying to smash a new PB over a particular distance.

Renovate on Demand’ is our brand new online service offering physiotherapist designed exercise videos specifically for runners. Choose from a quick 5min blast to a full 45min workout. There’s a huge variety to choose from such as Pilates, HIIT, Kettle bells, Body Weight Training, Low impact Strength Training, Resistance Band sessions, Flexibility & Stretching sessions, Running Form drills and so much more!

At the show we are hosting FREE mini sessions for you to join in and experience the benefits of ‘renovating’ your body!

Timetable coming soon…

Recovery Zone

Sponsored by

Pulseroll logo
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The Recovery Zone is an area which offers advice and products on recovering after running. Come along and get some soft tissue therapy.

Pulseroll is the leading British muscle recovery brand, offering a range of massage guns, vibrating foam rollers and vibrating massage balls that have been scientifically proven to increase blood flow to the muscles by up to 20% and increase range of motion by up to 14%. Regular use of Pulseroll’s percussion therapy devices will therefore help speed up recovery, reduce muscle soreness and relieve muscle tension after exercise.

Pulseroll’s products are used by some of the country’s leading sports organisations and individuals such as Anthony Joshua, British Gymnastics, British Rowing, England Rugby League, Premier League Football & Rugby Clubs, who keenly endorse the products as part of their everyday preparation and recovery routine.

Book your slot here :

RECOVERY EXPERT Vernon Smeed available from 9:00-12.30 /13:00-17:00

RECOVERY EXPERT Ed Foxall available from 9:00-13.00 /13:30-17:00


Sustainability Showcase

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ReRun is a Community Interest Company aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment. Founded and run by Dan Lawson, Team GB 24hr Ultra runner and his wife and family Charlotte, Lilly and Ruby. Extending the life of clothes by just nine months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each.

Leaving each of us with the power to make a difference to the clothing waste problem that we currently have. Every year it is estimated that 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK. ReRuns Dan and Ruby will be collecting at the National Running Show and available for a chat about all things running, please come and see us!

Events Village powered by RaceNation

Sponsored by

RaceNation logo
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Plan your entire 2022 running calendar at our  Events Village powered by RaceNation. Hosting thousands of running events, the Events Village will enable visitors to discuss, identify and sign up for a myriad of events taking place across the UK in 2022.

The Events Village will be organised by a team of RaceNation experts who will be on hand to advise visitors on the range of events available from a portfolio of thousands of races taking place in 2022. Runners will be able to scan a QR code on a giant map of the UK and book their space at the event, making the most of exclusive promotions and expert advice. The area will also host key Race Directors who will be on hand to chat to visitors about their events.

RaceNation is a leading event registration, and integrated fundraising platform with an exclusive Event Day App and club membership capability, working with over 2,000 UK events. Hosting the Event Village will mean visitors can book directly onto their favourite races through RaceNation’s platform, making their booking fast, easy and exciting.

Are you an Event Director / Race organiser:

At no cost, all UK races and events can register to be listed within the Events Village for the two days at the show. The listed events will be highlighted on a giant map of the UK within the zone and accessed via a QR code. The RaceNation team will then promote the race and encourage bookings on the day.

All enquiries about having an event listed for free in the Events Village can be registered here.


The Bra Fitting Bar

Sponsored by

Runderwear logo
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New for 2022 is The Bra Fitting Bar – a must-visit area of the show, for every woman!

The Runderwear™ Bra Fitting Bar will have 6 fitting rooms with fitting experts on hand to ensure you find the perfect fitting running bra.

Studies show that more than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and 72% of exercising women report breast discomfort whilst they exercise; a well-fitting, comfortable and highly supportive sports bra is essential for runners.

Runderwear’s Head of Product Development Laura Kong-Brown said:
‘At Runderwear, we are determined to help women find their perfect running bra. A running bra that will ensure you stay chafe-free and completely supported, no matter how far or how fast you run. We want all women, no matter what your shape or size, to be able to enjoy and get the most out of your running.’

‘The Bra Fitting Bar at the National Running Show will be the perfect opportunity to try out as many bras as you like until you find the perfect one!’

Sign up here to book your slot at the show!

Runderwear are also taking walk-ins as well! Get fitted without an appointment at The National Running Show by visiting the Bra Fitting Bar.

Kids Zone

Sponsored by
Marathon Kids UK

Marathon Kids UK logo
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Here is what you can expect from the Kids zone, feature area powered by Marathon Kids:

  • A Running Area – Within the kids zone there will be a simple running area. This will be an endurance challenge. Children will run laps, the challenge is to see who can run the furthest distance over the day. For each age group there will be a boy and girl winner with prizes to be won
  • A Play Area –  Here children of all ages can play coach lead physical activity games. This will be loads of fun, lively and loud

Marathon Kids UK is a not-for-profit organisation that provides fully funded running opportunities for children in school time, at weekends and during the holidays, using a dedicated support network of teachers, volunteers and family members to motivate young people to develop a passion for exercise in order to aid their mental and physical well-being.

Marathon Kids UK also enjoys the backing of global ambassador and Nike athlete Mo Farah, Britain’s most successful Track athlete of the modern Olympic era, winning gold medals in the 5,000m and 10,000m at back-to-back Olympic Games in London 2012 and then four years later in Rio de Janeiro.


The organisation operates two initiatives – Marathon Kids UK in schools and Marathon Kids UK in parks. Both programmes are headed up by Christopher McShane, a former primary school teacher, and in 2019/2020 children across the UK ran more than 365,000km, with distances recorded on the Digital Tracking System (DTS) and the Marathon Kids UK app.

The schools programme allows children to record how far they run in a school playground or playing field, earning rewards for distances achieved, while the same applies for kids who take part in parks events – but instead of tracking on the DTS, the distances are recorded on the app.

The two technologies work seamlessly alongside each other, so teachers can view a child’s holiday or weekend running activity alongside what they do in school time.

By using Marathon Kids UK’s five pillars of Goal setting, Tracking, Role-modelling, Celebrating and Rewarding, children are inspired to run further than they ever thought possible.

The Chill Out Zone

Sponsored by
Crystal Ski Holidays

Crystal Ski Holidays logo
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Head to the Chill Out Zone, sponsored by Crystal Ski Holidays, to kick back and sip a hot chocolate – if you close your eyes, it’ll almost feel like you’re in the mountains.

At Crystal, we’ve been sharing our love of skiing and taking people to the slopes for over 40 years.

Get in touch with us to ask any questions and get advice on all things ski, from how it all works, to ski school, equipment hire and choosing the right resort for you.

VIP Lounge

Sponsored by
iPRO Hydrate

iPRO Hydrate logo
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The VIP lounge will play host to our speakers and VIP ticket holders whilst providing a moment of respite from the busy show floor.

With comfortable seating and refreshments available, the lounge will give our VIP visitors a change to network, meet like-minded people, mingle with our speakers and reboot before heading back out into the event.

VIP visitors will also have special goodie-bags with all sorts of run-themed products.

Treadmill Training Zone

Sponsored by

NoblePro logo
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NoblePro exists to provide treadmills for runners, and people wanting more from their treadmill. Our aim is to change the perspective of treadmills in the mind of the user and elevate their running experience.

We are strong believers in supporting the community by backing inspirational people within the community and promoting their great work.

The Treadmill Training zone which is in partnership with NoblePro Treadmills gives you the opportunity to be a part of a challenge as well as trying out our elite series treadmills.

We will be hosting a series of challenges and training workshops open to all abilities to improve your skills as a runner.

We believe that the collaboration between indoor and outdoor training is the road to success. One compliments the other and you can find joy and adventure in both nature and machine. We pride ourselves in offering equipment that is designed with you in mind, the elite runner through to the new beginner.

Come along and say hi, we’d love to get to know you!

The National Running Show Shop

Sponsored by

Scimitar logo
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Stand C31

Come visit us at our shop to get your hands on National Running Show merchandise! Our friends at Scimitar have designed a stunning collection of National Running Show-branded running vests, t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts that can be found exclusively at the show, with each product made with 100% recycled polyester. Purchase sustainable apparel to keep as a souvenir and enjoy while on your running adventures, safe in the knowledge that each product is made with at least six recycled plastic bottles.

If you missed your chance to get your National Running Show merchandise at the show, head over to our shop to order on your way home!

*Slogans by WorryLessDesigns

The Nutrition Zone

Sponsored by
INDE-Fit With Ben Turner

INDE-Fit With Ben Turner logo
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INDE-Fit with Ben Turner is a global all-in-one health, fitness, and mindset membership that you need to ensure you are progressing, fuelling, and living healthily, ready to take on whatever life throws at you.  With INDE-Fit, you will be guided through how to unlock your next level in fitness, health, and vitality.

Join Ben in the new nutrition zone for the National Running Show, there will be interactive DIY trail snack workshops to make your own running rocket fuel.  You will also have the opportunity to join lectures and Q&A sessions throughout the day, as well as the opportunity to sit down with Ben and actually discuss your individual, requirements.

Sports Tours International Travel Centre

Sponsored by
Sports Tours International

Sports Tours International logo
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The Sports Tours International Group are delighted to be able to bring their dedicated Sports Tours International Travel Centre to the Running Show in Birmingham for the first time.


Sports Tours International are the active lifestyle community’s specialist travel and tour operator bringing the very best in worldwide Marathon Tours and the World’s largest active lifestyle resort at Club La Santa in Lanzarote to attendees of The Running Show.  As a special show offer, we are delighted to be able to offer all attendees the chance to attend this year’s BMW Berlin Marathon, which is a truly legendary event, for those who book with us on-site at the show. Not only is it one of the 6 World Marathon Majors, but it is currently the Marathon World record course, and known as the fastest marathon in the world!  So, if it’s your first marathon or if you want to improve your marathon time, this is the perfect event to do so! Also, the Travel Centre will provide the opportunity to book a stay at the world-famous sports resort based in Lanzarote, Club La Santa, the perfect year-round destination for both training and relaxing. Ideal for groups, families, couples, and individuals who can experience this not to be missed active lifestyle resort at a dedicated Running Show package rate.   


Sports Tours International will be offering prizes for Running Show attendees who enter our competition on site and pre-event so watch this space!

The Sweat Zone

Sponsored by
JDK Fitness

JDK Fitness logo
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JDK Fitness brings you the Sweat Zone at the National Running Show 2022. Get your workout wear and trainers at the ready and join in with one of our classes throughout the weekend. We’ve got HIIT, Rebound Fit, Bounce HIIT and Mini Bounce, which is perfect for the kids throughout the weekend. Come and have lots of fun with us.

Alongside the Sweat Zone, you’ll find the World’s only leggings and shorts that you can customise to fit YOU, competition to design your very own leggings and the chance to get your hands on what we know will bring you your next PB!



10:00am – Rebound Fit

11:30am – Mini Bounce

1:00pm – HIIT

2:30pm – Bounce HIIT

4:00pm – Rebound Fit


10:00am – Bounce HIIT

11:30am – Mini Bounce

1:00pm – Rebound Fit

2:30pm – HIIT

4:00pm – Rebound Fit

Bad Boy Running Chill Out Zone

Sponsored by
Bad Boy Running Podcast

Bad Boy Running Podcast logo
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Looking for somewhere to sit down and relax while having chats about your upcoming run or looking to talk to other run enthusiasts? Head to the Chill out zone where you can chill out with the Bad Boy Running team and talk all things run.

BBR isn’t afraid to dig a little, go off on crazy tangents or spend time discussing those nooks and crannies that often don’t get talked about elsewhere.



Displaying 138 exhibitors.

2PURE (F31 & E30)

2pure is a distribution business focused on adding value to the brands we bring to the active lifestyle market. Every brand has it’s own DNA and we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate this to the UK audience. Founded in 2006, our aim is to build business by cultivating close relationships with everyone we work with: colleagues, suppliers, brands, businesses and consumers.

2XU (H10)

2XU helps athletes of all abilities prepare, perform, recover, and repeat as they work toward their finish lines. With a heritage in endurance sports, 2XU is on a mission to help create a fitter and healthier world. For more information, visit or follow 2XU on Facebook or Instagram

361 (J31)

We formed our company in 2016 with the initial goal of creating an entry into the world of running shoes. Even though the world doesn’t need another running shoe brand, we felt we could build ourselves a niche with an honest story and a great product. And we believe the right place to get a great pair of running shoes is your local specialist running store.

ABSOLUTE 360 (E61)

ABSOLUTE 360® – the sport and lifestyle brand for people passionate about being active. Since 2013 we have been committed to innovating, developing and releasing a multifunctional line of clothing which can be worn for a variety of sporting activities, from running, yoga, gym to extreme sports like skiing or snowboarding.

Active Leisure Events (L31)

Active Leisure Events organise and host the award-winning Chester Marathon, Half and 10K. Taking place on three separate days throughout the year, the Chester 10K on 13th March, the Half Marathon on 15th May and Marathon & Metric Marathon on 2nd October.

Active Root (G32)

Active Root is an award winning range of natural sports nutrition with a difference. As-well-as providing natural fuel & hydration, our drinks & gels contain root ginger which helps maintain a balanced stomach. What’s more we offer all products in handy environmentally friendly compostable refill bags, helping cut down on unnecessary plastic waste.

adidas (F20)

The adidas Group is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad portfolio of footwear, apparel and hardware for sport and lifestyle around the core brands adidas and Reebok. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Group employs more than 56,888 people across the globe and generated sales of around € 21.92 billion in 2018.

AfterShokz (D78 )

Using bone conduction technology award winning Aftershokz deliver stereophonic sound through your cheekbones to your inner ear. This means you can enjoy your music and still hear everything around you including traffic, emergency vehicles and other warning noises as well as race instructions from marshals and fellow competitors -potentially preventing accidents caused by traditional headphones and earbuds that block out these sounds.


The team behind Richmond RUNFEST is proud to announce that the inaugural AIR:RUN is coming Richmond Park (London) on the 31st May 2020. A fully ROAD CLOSED 10K and Half marathon with a music/audio twist. FRESH AIR is coming!

Altra (D31)

Feel the Altra difference. Altra’s goal is to help people run healthy and happy. Zero-drop running shoes are flat from heel to toe helping you run more naturally across any terrain. The toe box design allows your toes to spread easily producing a really comfortable running shoe.

Apex Running (B60)

We organise superlative trail, ultra and skyrunning events in Snowdonia, North Wales. We host Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB, the Snowdon SkyRace and Race Across Snowdonia

Artisan Design (N57)

The Essential Running Accessory. Artisan imports Kenyan running bands and African beaded jewellery direct from Iten. The same ones that are stocked in the famous Olympics Corner store where Mo Farah purchased his. Without the risk and complications of buying directly from Africa, you can make your purchase, knowing you’re giving back to local Maasai communities and supporting a generation of runners achieve greatness in the future.

Attis Fitness (H19)

Bad Boy Running Podcast (B66)

Running is great, so why aren’t the podcasts? Bad Boy Running is a podcast for runners (boys AND girls!) who are bored of the dull and dry podcasts currently on offer. Hosted by friends Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, both running journalists, bloggers and lovable idiots, the show features the conversations they’d have in the pub focusing as much on the camaraderie and social side of the sport as the technical.

Balega (G10)

Featuring America’s number one selling running sock!  Designed for those who move.  Produced in South Africa using premium yarns, Balega has been a leading running sock brand for the last 10 years.  Known for their technology, incredibly soft feel and durability, Balega performs for all your fitness needs.

Be Your Happy Place (G51)

Activewear as unique as you are! Be Your Happy Place brings you activewear to brighten up your workout. The high quality will make you feel confident and ready to take on the world one workout at a time! Born in West Wales, worn around the World.

Beet It Sport (K80)

Beet It Sport offers over 30 years innovation in fruit and vegetable juices. Over the last decade, our beetroot juice has been used in over 300 independent scientific studies worldwide. Beet It Sport is used by an extraordinarily high percentage of the worlds sporting elite; including teams in English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, International Rugby Union, NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL and individual Olympic and Paralympic athletes from a range of sporting disciplines.

Birmingham Children's Hospital (N30 & C31 )

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity exists to improve the lives of the 90,000 sick kids treated at the hospital every year. From purchasing state-of-the-art equipment and championing the latest medical treatments; to funding groundbreaking research and creating the very best patient environments, the charity makes a real difference to every child and family at the hospital. Learn more.

bp3 underwear (N51)

We make absorbent, washable underwear that protects from all leaks – from periods to incontinence, sweat to discharge. Stylish, secure and sustainable – our pants are better for you and the planet.

Bridgedale (F65)

At Bridgedale we believe it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to our lives. Our passion, experience, and care for every tiny detail, from our FIT, our FUSION TECHNOLOGY and our GUARANTEE, have helped us create the world’s most comfortable and enduring socks.

Brownies Rock (N40)

Brownies Rock was launched in 2019 bringing you the tastiest gooiest Belgium chocolate brownies and blondies. You may have seen us at farmers markets and food festivals where you have tried a sample or two of our brownies and simply said “OMG, they are truly heavenly!” We have some super delicious flavours including Terry’s Orange and more!

CamelBak (G61)

Born from humble beginnings in 1989, CamelBak has grown to become the world’s leading maker of hydration solutions. Thanks to a team of active athlete testers, you can trust our run collection to keep the weight down without compromising on durability, comfort or storage. So whether you’re an elite athlete or just starting out – We’ve Got Your Bak.

Canal & River Trust (F56)

We believe that spending time by water makes us happier and healthier. That’s why we work with communities to transform their local canal or river, creating places and spaces that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, every day.

Chiltern Physiotherapy (K20 & L20)

Chiltern Physiotherapy was the dream (now reality) of Nicky and Paul Edwards. The business started with a single Pilates class in a local hall and domiciliary physiotherapy. This has grown to 5 physiotherapists and 2 sports massage therapists providing treatment 6 days a week and teaching 23 classes a week in our purpose built Physiotherapy Clinic and Pilates studio in the heart of Chorleywood.

Chock Shop (J52)

We are Chock Shop, an artisan brownie company, we have over 20 varieties of brownies to choose from which can purchased on there own or with warm chocolate sauce and cream.

Combat Stress (D62)

The UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health. For over a century we’ve been helping former servicemen and women deal with issues like PTSD, anxiety and depression. We provide specialist treatment and support for veterans from every service and conflict, focusing on those with complex mental health issues related to their military service.


Compressport respond to the problems that athletes face daily. Whether to improve performance, enhance recovery or to help them travel in the best possible conditions. Compressport co-operates closely with a team of athletes and physicians in order to meet the athletes’ requirements as regards to compression, endurance and recovery.


COROS is a performance sports technology company that helps athletes train to be their best. For COROS it’s all about outdoors, mountains, and a passionate active lifestyle. We combine high-grade hardware with innovative technology to provide endurance athletes with the gear they rely on in the world’s most extreme environments. Advanced technology with an efficient and intuitive user experience is at our core.

Craft Sportswear (C40)

Craft Sportswear collection includes a wide range of functional sportswear as well as stylish casual wear. All garments are engineered to our exceptional standards and made exclusively of high-quality materials. Wearing these products, you can perform optimally on your next workout as well as recover in style and comfort.

Designed By Sports (J31)

Discover our collection of women’s leggings and sports, offering high quality at affordable prices.

DJO (G54)

DJO Global provides intelligent medical devices and services.

Dogs Trust (K56)

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. We care for around 14,000 lost and abandoned dogs each year through our network of 21 Rehoming Centres. By sponsoring one of these dogs you can help Dogs Trust give them all the love and care they deserve.

Dynafit (F53)

DYNAFIT is the brand by athletes for athletes. We are 100 % committed to mountain endurance sports. Our goal is to support athletes, 365 days of the year, with high-performance products to get one step closer to their Mountopia.

Eatlean (K30)

Eatlean is special – We challenge the status quo. We believe incremental changes can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing. Fuelled by three generations of cheese-making knowledge, our great-tasting cheese boasts 50% fewer calories, 90% less fat and 45% more protein than standard cheddar.

eGlove (J21)

Whether your sport of choice is running, (from couch to 5K, parkrun, trail running, marathons) maybe, snowboarding, walking for fun or walking to work, our technically superior touchscreen gloves will allow for full movement, keep your hands warm and dry, enable you to pause your Garmin or Strava with gloves on – and of course this means you can call, text or tweet on your mobile phone, to your hearts content.

Emancipated Run Crew (C25)

Emancipated Run Crew is a running community, with diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do. We are a group of runners who support and encourage black and brown runners to meet and exceed their fitness goals. Our aim is to provide a space and a voice to those who may feel excluded from “mainstream” running community.

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei (I10)

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei was found to be isotonic purely by accident.  The brewing process naturally produces a wheat beer that is scientifically proven to be isotonic, therefore aiding your recover after exercise, and, recently launched in the UK is the new grapefruit flavour,  Fruity and bittersweet grapefruit aromas naturally unfold to make a delicious, invigorating recovery drink, which can also be enjoyed straight from the bottle.  It consists of purely natural ingredients – uniquely natural, naturally unique.

EventClip (J28)

The World’s Best Snap-Lock Bib Clip Pinless Fasteners  NOT Magnets   The only Re-Cycled product specifically designed and proven to secure race numbers without damaging your tops   ★ Far better than magnets and far less packaging ★ Beveled back, less than 2 mm ★ Guaranteed not to rub ★ Easy to attach. ★ Easy to remove. ★ No safety pin errors ★ 3 x Award winning design ★ Minimum and pe-usable packaging ★ Made in the UK

Feetures (G3)

America’s #1 running sock, drawing on decades of running and innovation. Feetures changed the rules on how socks work with the foot in motion. Feetures are engineered with Targeted Compression and anatomical design to create a custom-like fit and prevent the issues people have with conventional socks. Engineered to Fit You.

FenlaNdZ Health (I50)

Fenlandz Health imports natural products made in New Zealand with love for athlete performance support. Owned by keen trail runners, Shiwon & David Green, the business began when they emigrated after Shiwon qualified for the London Olympics (Dressage) and they couldn’t find alternatives for the products they relied on.

Fit Kit (I21)

Fit Kit Bodycare is designed to help you recover faster so you don’t miss training again. Our range of products are an easy-to-use solution for exercise recovery. They combine naturally active ingredients for recovery with everyday toiletries saving you time and space in your gym bag.

Flapjackery (F82)

Luxury hand-made gluten free Devon flapjacks – full on flavour, high quality flapjacks with a difference. We take the humble oat and raise it to a luxury level by adding high quality local ingredients, posh chocolate and a dash of madness & loads of imagination to create our range of interesting flavours .  


FORDY RUNS is for the Everyday Runner! Our fast growing ultra-inclusive UKA Affiliated Running Club offers all the benefits of being affiliated without some of the pressures that can come from joining a traditional Club! FORDY RUNS Juniors is our pioneering initiative which is getting Children under 14 years old Running and having fun! We have Online Communities of over 10,000 runners of all abilities. FORDY RUNS YouTube Channel is an impartial and independent voice for the ...

GB Ultras (D70)

GB Ultras specialise in supported ultramarathons covering 50, 100 and 215 mile distances. We’re passionate about everything to do with ultrarunning. We also have an equally supportive community of runners and ambassadors. All our events have live online GPS tracking so that you, your family and friends can watch how each event unfolds real-time!

Girls Run the World (E70)

Coaching and community for women in trail running and triathlon – be inspired, be inspiring

Goodr (F31)

Grangers (C2)

Grangers is an outdoor brand built upon the science of protection. For over 80 years, they have been dedicated to protecting you against the elements. The whole brand is environmentally-responsible and hosts a range of bluesign® approved products. Grangers hosts an active range, one that’s guaranteed to remove those pesky odours.

Greenpeace (E65)

Our mission is to promote radical changes and new solutions to the ways we live on this planet so that we can all call it home for generations to come.

Gu Energy (H21)

Through training, we grow stronger, get faster, and learn how to endure more. By eating the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time, we build our muscles, mend our bodies, and optimize our performance. We are in pursuit of our ultimate potential. With smart training, and the perfect mix of nutrients delivered at the right time, we can unleash our innate and boundless athletic capacity.

HBHM (B61)

We are an independent, carbon neutral CBD company located in the North East of Scotland. We work with the best suppliers in the world to ensure that our CBD products taste amazing, are produced to the highest quality standards and are fully compliant.

Hello Fresh (C2)

HelloFresh is the UK’s leading recipe-box company, delivering delicious recipes and all the ingredients you need to cook them, straight to your door. Their mission is simple: you choose from weekly recipes, they deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, and you cook delicious dishes from the comfort of your kitchen. Home cooking without the hassle – let’s bring the spark back to dinnertime!

Hilltop Energy (M43)

Providing the UK with an all-natural range of energy gels made with 2 core ingredients – honey and salt. Our gels provide a natural source of carbohydrates and helps to promotes hydration. Find us online at!

Hilly (D20)

A focused vision of making the best socks for runners. Designed for comfort. Refined for performance. Over tarmac, turf and trail. Founded in 1991 by running legend, Dr. Ron Hill MBE, we make socks that go the distance so you can too. So let’s get running. With every last fibre.


HOKA ONE ONE® produces premium performance footwear for athletes of all types. HOKA ONE ONE shoes were initially distinguished by their oversized midsoles; today they are designed with the same enhanced cushioning, inherent stability and problem-solving inspiration to meet the running, walking, fitness and outdoor needs of a wide variety of users.

HUUB (C18)

Whether you need a trisuit for a beginner or elite racing at Ironman distance, trust HUUB.

Hydrow (F70)

Get a full-body workout with Hydrow, the immersive rowing machine that brings Live Outdoor Reality™ to the comfort of home.  Choose from +3500 live and on-demand workouts filmed from beautiful waterways around the world, led by professional Hydrow Athletes. Workouts also include yoga, Pilates and strength training.

Hygge Gear (M32)

Hygge is what you feel when you’ve smashed your PB. It’s the happiness you feel after a sweaty workout. It’s the pleasure of completing your first 10k and its the comfort of knowing your gear is made for you. It’s our personal goal to design functional products full of colour and personality for all your running, walking, fitness & outdoor sports.

JDK Fitness (E50)

There’s nothing worse than having workout wear you have to keep pulling up, that are too long or too short. You can now customise and personalise your leggings and shorts so they fit YOU. They’re all made in the UK, squat-proof and super comfy! We also bring fun back in to fitness with online and in-person Rebound Fit and HIIT fitness classes.

Karhu (G10)

Finlands legendary running shoe brand.  Established in Finland in 1916, Karhu introduces a range of running shoes built from over 2 million foot scans.  Come to our booth and try our foot scanner, see your feet with 3D imaging and try the latest models.

Kendal Mint Co. (D2)

The team at Kendal Mint Co; based in the heart of the English Lake District, have taken their passion and breathed new life into one of the most iconic British products in recent memory, Kendal Mint Cake. 100 years of heritage meets cutting edge Sports Science

Kollo Health (M40)

The UK’s leading liquid collagen sachet with a power-packing 10g of premium marine collagen, plus added vitamins B and C, Kollo is specially formulated to support whole-body health for both men and women.

La Sportiva (I20)

Lakes Campervans (D71)

We offer fully equipped VW campervans for hire. Based on the edge of the Lakes, we are in the perfect place for you to start your adventure into the Lake District and beyond! All vans are dog friendly and come with unlimited mileage.

LedLenser (N20)

LioBites Fruit Crisps (C30)

LioBites fruit crisps was founded by forward thinking mum creating delicious fruit crisps from the best quality freeze-dried fruit and nothing else. LioBites are plant based, free from all allergens, contain no added sugar or preservatives. Light in weight and all under 50kcal LioBites make a perfect snack for runners.

Monkey Sox (I51)

Monkey Sox are performance sox with a difference. Quality odd socks with 50% profits donated to 3 Multiple Sclerosis Charities.

Moremile (H52)

Mountain Run and Nics Nordic Walks (D61)

Mountain Run is the UK’s leading school of extreme mountain running Take your mountain running to the next level with our skills training & guiding for trail, sky & ultra runners. Our training weekends, route recce’s and guided runs will help you build the skills and experience to run faster, stronger and with confidence over extreme terrain. Get ready for your first skyrace, learn to scramble or train for your first Alpine ultra.

My Sports and more (N22)

NOTCH® (F54)

NOTCH® is the fashionable, stylish, go-anywhere bracelet, designed for Notches. Each Notch you add to your bracelet is engraved to represent a challenge, goal or milestone. So if you’re thrilled by your latest achievement, wear your success with pride and celebrate your accomplishment by adding a Notch your complementary NOTCH® bracelet, engraved with your story of success. NOTCH® is for everyone who sets themselves and accomplishes a goal, however modest or difficult.

Nuffield Health (C35)

Welcome to Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity. We exist to build a healthier nation through outstanding day-to-day services in our 37 hospitals, 114 fitness & wellbeing clubs, healthcare clinics and over 200 workplace wellbeing services, and through our Flagship programmes to support local communities by widening healthcare access.

On Running (E20)

Ordnance Survey (H70)

For over 225 years, Ordnance Survey (OS) has helped people explore Great Britain safely and get outside more often. The OS Maps App features our innovative digital navigation, stunning 3D mapping, augmented reality, offline leisure maps and the new Greenspace layer. This simple to use App enables you to discover, create, plan and record running routes so you can head out on new adventures without getting lost. Get ready for your best run ever!

Otso (F2)


Pegasus Ultra Running (C62)

Penny Appeal (K35)

Penny Appeal is an international humanitarian organisation, working in over 30 crisis-hit countries to provide poverty relief through emergency aid, orphan care, water solutions and many other programmes that serve as pathways out of poverty. The Penny Appeal way of doing charity is simple – we take small change and make a BIG difference with it!

Petzl (I20)

Petzl’s mission is to create innovative and functional headlamps to light your way in the dark. Our range includes class leading output, multiple beam patterns, low weight and REACTIVE LIGHTING technology to maximise battery life.

Plymouth Half (I53)

The only closed road Half Marathon race in Plymouth! The Plymouth Half takes you through some of the most scenic parts of the City! Athletes will also receive and benefit from: – Finishers Medal – Finishers T-shirt* – Goodie Bags* – Chip Timing – Race Leaderboard – Father’s Day themed race and features

Polar (K31)

A selection of high-quality fitness trackers, GPS sports watches, bike computers, and related accessories.

Pulseroll (G20)

Pulseroll products utilise vibration technology to help with increased circulation, improved mobility, reduced muscle soreness and myofascial release. Scientifically proven to help with recovery, the vibrating foam rollers, peanut ball, single ball and massage gun are being used by elite athletes and rehabilitation professionals. Ideal for use on the legs and feet to relieve tight hamstrings and calves as well as treat plantar fasciitis.

Pure Outdoors Events (I22)

Pure Outdoors Events; running the trails we love in the beautiful Cumbrian hills. Our events are designed by runners for runners with an emphasis on challenging, but fun, great days out in the great outdoors.

PureXtracts (M52)

Used and trusted by thousands of runners & sports personalities, our award-winning extracts & luxurious turmeric massage oils are designed for athletes & runners to recover fast after their sport activities. Our products are so good that 70% of our business comes through recommendation! Visit our stand to try our full range, we have lots of Special SHOW OFFERS.

RaceNation (H20 & O20)

RaceNation is an award-winning Sports Technology Company, providing white labelled Event and Virtual Event Registration, fully integrated Fundraising, Club Membership management, now with an Event Day app all on one platform. If you’re a first-time event organiser or a seasoned pro, it couldn’t be easier to create an event with our registration platform. Catering for physical or virtual events, simply give it a name, create a ticket and get selling!

Rasselbock Running (F55)

Rasselbock Running creates virtual events that are engaging and enjoyable for people of any fitness and age range. We create events that connect people across the world as well as giving you different challenges within every entry. Also, our medals are pretty large and epic as well. You’ll receive some “real” bling once you’ve completed your challenge!

Rat Race (A60)

Renovate Wellness (L20)

Republic of Cats (J53)

Rerun (I65)

ReRun is a Community Interest Company aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment as well as raising awareness about textile waste and over consumption within the running consumption. Founded and run by Dan Lawson, Team GB 24hr Ultra runner and his wife and family Charlotte, Lilly and Ruby.

Riixo (E31)

Whether that is better athletic performance or faster injury recovery, after all, better recovery is the pathway to greater physical and emotional wellbeing.

Riverford Organic (C63)

Ronhill (D20)

Founded in 1970 by British Olympian and marathon man Dr Ron Hill MBE. A legend of British running who holds a world record run streak of 52 years and 39 days. Ronhill produces some of the finest performance running clothing for all types of runners, their needs and terrains. The products are feature packed to make your running experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

RSPB (C53)

Give Nature a Home with the RSPB! We are the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves.

Run2Paris (M51)

Your next great running adventure. A team of 5, a half marathon each, every day, for 4 days. Together you have just Run2Paris. If you can run a half marathon, you can Run2Paris.  With the final mile into the Eiffel Tower run together this will be the highlight of your year. Totally epic, totally achievable.

Runderwear (D3 & D10)

The Runderwear™ story began as a solution to a problem that is the bane of many runner’s lives – chafing. Today, the Runderwear range has grown to include different styles of performance underwear, running bras, socks and base layers. Runderwear remains dedicated to creating chafe-free clothing for all runners, everywhere.  

Running at 40 Plus (B41)

A website dedicated to runners of all abilities and experience over the age of 40.

Running Concierge (N41)

Running Concierge arranges bespoke trips to the Lakes, and makes all the arrangements you’d like, from arranging your train, to transfer, to the accommodation and restaurant reservations. Then guiding you along the trails, enabling you to take in the amazing sights that Cumbria has to offer.

Runr (H51)

We firmly believe that the best thing about running is the community and we hope by wearing runr products, you engage with other runners in everyday life and share stories of triumph and failure. We have a great selection of products for use before, during and after races to show your passion for running. We have technical tops, high quality hoodies, jumpers, t-shirts, beanies, bobble hats and accessories.

Salewa (F56)

Salomon (E40)

Salomon has been playing in the French alps since 1947. Our passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and craftsmanship has driven us – and still does – to create progressive gear to enable you to freely enjoy and challenge yourself in the great outdoors. Don’t wait any longer. Now, it’s time to play.

Saucony (D40 & D50)

Saucony, the ‘Original Running Brand’ fuses innovation, style and culture. With its award-winning technologies including PWRRUN™ PB, PWRRUN+™, and SPEEDROLL™, Saucony creates innovative technical and lifestyle footwear and apparel across Road, Trail and Originals. Founded in 1898, Saucony exists to inspire and serve all humans to live their best life by providing access to running, self-expression and creating a better world. For more information, go to

Scott Sports (F11)

SCOTT Sports is a leader in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of high-end performance products intended for biking, wintersport, motosport and running. Innovation, technology, and design are the essence of the SCOTT products and the vision of our engineers and designers.

Secret London Runs (L45)

History-loving runners – you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to show you our new Henry VIII’s Wives virtual events – a series of mileage challenges that follow in the footsteps of the 6 Tudor queens on an important journey in their lives, complete with historical podcasts and postcards. Come to our stand to see the incredible medals!

SmellWell (J40)

Developed and designed in Sweden, the SmellWell Range saves you from smelly stuff and stale places. Made from sustainable and recycled materials, they eliminate bad odors and prevent growth of bacteria by effectively absorbing moisture. Contains micro porous activated moso bamboo charcoal and natural dessicants. 100% non-toxic and chemical-free.

Sports Tours International (F10)

These days Sports Tours International are well-known as the number one choice for travelling athletes, and sporting enthusiasts, in Europe. We are the go to for anyone who wants to take part in events across the world. As International Travel Partner of the 6 World Marathon Majors, and VIP tour operator of the 3 Grand Tours and 5 Monuments of Cycling, we cover a wide range of events.

St John's Hospice London (O20)

St John’s Hospice provides high-quality care completely free of charge to 7 boroughs in Central and North-West London. We support 4,500 patients with terminal illnesses and their families, whether at home, in our Day Care Unit or Inpatient Unit. Help change a life by choosing one of our charity places in various running events!

Start Fitness (H52)

Established in 1991, Start Fitness has run up years of experience selling specialist fitness products at affordable prices. As the UK’s biggest dedicated retailer of running shoes and sportswear, we’re constantly striving to offer you the best value possible.

Steve Cram Training Camps (P10)

If you’re a beginner, club runner, or just looking for some tips on how to keep fit or improve your 10k or marathon time we cater for all abilities at our camps. This is your chance to learn from the best! Join us at the Steve Cram Training Weekend to find out how you can improve your running, learning from some of the best minds in the sport whilst surrounding yourself with likeminded inspirational ...

Suffolk Trail Running Festival (O20)

With a backdrop of picturesque pines and heathland, The Suffolk Trail Festival (TrailFest) is a unique opportunity to enjoy a weekend of trail running adventures in the heart of the forest. Camping, refreshments, children’s activities and live music will be on hand to add a fun & friendly festival vibe to the weekend making this an ideal event to take part in.

Supernatural Fuel (K52)

Supernatural Fuel energy pouches are whole food blends of fruits, seeds and grains. They are made from high quality, organic, plant based ingredients, that provide a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats. The energy blends are aimed at endurance sports competitors looking for a natural alternative to gels and bars.

Sweets in the Mail (H4) (J53)

Tailwind Nutrition Limited (F30)

Tailwind Nutrition is a leading brand of Endurance Fuel and Recovery Drinks – Our Endurance fuel provides complete energy, electrolytes, and hydration in a simple drink with clean, light flavours that are easy on the digestive system. Our Rebuild Recovery drinks replace calories to replenish glycogen and provide complete proteins to accelerate muscle repair. All of our products are Vegan.  

The Great Run Company (J29)

The Great Run Company is the UKs biggest mass participation sport business. Every year we inspire over 250,000 people take part in events and campaigns that we develop and operate. Come join us…

The Homemade Brownie Company (C60)

The Homemade Brownie Company produces luxury chocolate brownies with the finest ingredients and a loving, homemade touch from Hampshire. We have 16 great flavours as standard, regular special flavours and 4 fantastic vegan flavours. All our products are proudly gluten-free.

The Movement and Running School (B50)

We are movement, rehabilitation & speed specialists. We have developed Movement Re-patterning methodologies, programmes and protocols used in over 40 Running School & Movement School centres in the UK, Germany, Norway, Spain, Japan, UAE & USA. We specialise in movement biomechanics, movement re-patterning for rehabilitation, running biomechanics and performance training.

Trail Pursuit (O20)

Trail Pursuit create unique trail race festivals & adventure retreats for people who love the great outdoors. Challenge yourself at our next race festival in the stunning Lake District! 20-22 May 2022.

Trainer Armour (M35)

Trainer Armour is a reinforced self-adhesive patch and applicator system that prevents your big toe wearing a hole in your expensive trainers. Trainer Armour is a thin patch that fits inside your trainers, just above your big toe, and is designed to be unnoticeable after fitting. It is manufactured from tough abrasive and tear resistant material.

Troll Outdoors (E60)

UK based Outdoor and Climbing brand. Quality clothing and equipment designed and manufactured in Yorkshire. Established in 1965. UK distributors for Climbing Technology, Boot Bananas, 8BPLUS, KletterRetter, PowerFingers, DexShell and Macpac.

TYNA (K42)

TYNA is inspired by traditional ethnic patterns from around the world, our designs honour and celebrate the past whilst bringing delight to women who wear them. Our aim is to inspire every woman to have a healthier lifestyle through joyful and audacious movement. Through our dynamic ethnic prints, we hope to encourage women to nurture their inner confidence. Each design originates from a different heritage fabric – with its own story and significance.

UK Challenge (J20)

Ultimate Direction (F42)

Running Gear and Apparel for men and women. Trail Running, Ultrarunning, FKT, Hiking Apparel, Hydration Vests, and Accessories.

Up & Running

This year Up & Running is celebrating 30 years of serving runners and being part of our our local running communities. From our earliest shops in Yorkshire, we are now happily running all over the country from Darlington to Southampton and Bournemouth. With the very latest running shoes, clothing and accessories, we look forward to welcoming you to an Up & Running near you.

UTMB World Series (B60)

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the UTMB® World Series through the best races, in the most iconic destinations, including Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB®. The only place to begin your quest to Mont-Blanc and gain access to the UTMB® World Series Finals in Chamonix.

VÅGA (N50)


Vegan Runners UK (A55)

A friendly club for runners of all abilities.

Veloforte (J22)

Fit for purpose, fit for body, naturally. Veloforte hand-make the World’s finest performance nutrition. We believe real-food performs best and unlike heavily-engineered synthetic products, our award-winning 100% natural, powerful & delicious energy bars, real hydration & energy nectars provide the optimal balance of carbs, essential proteins, electrolytes & minerals… the perfect real-food for performance sport. Created to help you #fuelbetter

Vibram (J40)

Vibram UK is the home of the iconic “barefoot” sports shoe brand Vibram FiveFingers. Designed to encourage natural movement and to increase our connectivity to the ground it is easy to see why Vibram’s slogan is “You are the Technology”. Vibram have introduced a variety of new styles that has widened its appeal to a variety of different users but Vibram FiveFingers remains the minimalist shoe of choice for both road and trail runners.

Vimazi (J54)

Start running in shoes designed for you, not someone else. Vimazi shoes respond to the forces you generate at your pace. You get optimized cushioning and maximized propulsion. It’s personalized performance.

Virtual Runner UK (M44)

Virtual Runner is a website aimed at enabling runners across the world to participate in races wherever they are, whenever they can run. Sign up for any number of the ‘virtual’ races and run when it’s convenient with you. Virtual Runner offer many different races and medals, and also donate 20% of entry fees to designated race charities.

Visit Benidorm (H23)

White Hawk Products (K62)

Providing you with quality massage machines for better health and wellbeing. From design to concept and production there are many factors involved in perfecting the Switch and Fix. We use many years of experience in the mechanical massage industry. Our concept is simple. Natural freedom of movement. Prevent, Maintain, Recover.

WholyMe (H22)

WholyMe provides the healthiest, most effective solutions for your daily stresses, aches and pains. Our high quality products are evidence-based, all-natural and organic certified. The WholyMe Relief Range fits your active lifestyle and is the perfect addition to your wellness routine.

Women’s Running Magazine (P20)

Women’s Running is your dedicated running coach, whether you’re embarking on your fifth marathon or you’re lacing up your trainers for the first time. We aim to bring our running tribe together, and to enthuse all runners with inspiring features and invaluable advice. Women’s Running will help you run better.

Woodland Trust (N23)

Founded in 1972 the Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity and a leading voice in bringing the UK’s trees and woodlands to the attention of Government, land owners and the public. With a supporter base of half a million they were the first and remain the most significant contributor to woodland protections, restoration and creation in the UK

Working for Wildlife (E65, K51 & N23)

Working for Wildlife Ltd. provides face-to-face fundraising and membership recruitment services to wildlife and environmental charities at private sites and organised events. Each year, the fundraisers we engage attend thousands of events from village fetes, to national exhibitions, to information/promotional stands at retail outlets, all throughout the UK.

WWF (K51)

WWF are the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. We’re determined to ensure that people and nature can thrive together, for generations to come.

Xtenex Laces (A41)

Xtenex elastic laces combine the flexibility of Stretch, Strength, Stability and Security to a shoe that you only have to tie once. The collapsible knot technology benefits runners,walkers or anyone who want custom fit slip on shoes .” Used by world class athletes!”

YANA™ Active (K40)

YANA™ Active is an independent, luxury women’s activewear brand focusing on designing and manufacturing unique activewear pieces in the UK. We aim to empower our tribe of Everyday Warriors and enhance the concept of multi-functional and fashionable activewear. Built to perform and Made to Empower.

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Inspiration Stage

Running Skills Theatre

09:15 - 09:20

Welcome from our host

Iwan Thomas MBE
Iwan Thomas MBE


Susie Chan
Susie Chan


Inspiration Stage

09:20 - 09:30

Welcome from hosts

The Running Channel
The Running Channel

Running Skills Theatre

16:30 - 16:40

Close from hosts

The Running Channel
The Running Channel

Running Skills Theatre

16:45 - 17:00

Close from our hosts

Susie Chan
Susie Chan


Iwan Thomas MBE
Iwan Thomas MBE


Inspiration Stage


Inspiration Stage

Running Skills Theatre

09:15 - 09:20

Welcome from our hosts

Susie Chan
Susie Chan


Iwan Thomas MBE
Iwan Thomas MBE


Inspiration Stage

09:50 - 10:00

Welcome from hosts

The Running Channel
The Running Channel

Running Skills Theatre

16:00 - 16:10

Close from our hosts

Susie Chan
Susie Chan


Iwan Thomas MBE
Iwan Thomas MBE


Inspiration Stage

16:00 - 16:10

Close from hosts

The Running Channel
The Running Channel

Running Skills Theatre

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