25–26 Jan 2025 327 days to go! #RunShow

Austin Sheppard

You’ll mainly find me Dadding, Running and Lip Syncing my way through life.
I took up running in January 2018 with the sole aim of losing weight to get in better physical shape. Starting with a run streak, as part of RED January, I slowly improved and soon I found that running was part of my routine. I worked my way from the fabulous parkruns to 10k events and then onto half marathons. As time went on my confidence grew, I was running further and quicker. It seemed that as I ran more I got more energy to run and a greater thrist for events and challenges. In 2019 the natural progression has been to step up to marathons and I have taken on several marathons; Barcelona, London and Berlin. They have been incredible experiences and I am so grateful for the process and all the lessons I have learned.
I want show that Dads and Mums (and anyone else for that matter) can absolutely get out there and get it done; you can run! I have benefitted so much from the awesome (INSTA) running community and love to play an active role in getting people together, whether that through a fun lip sync vid or a running meet up. I hope to champion the impact of running (and other sports) and help inspire, support and guide parents (and others) along with their running journeys.