25–26 Jan 2025 277 days to go! #RunShow

Danielle Pinder

I’m an animal keeper at a college, im a massive animal lover. I’m very ambitious and driven in everything I do.
I started my running journey about 10 years ago but its only been the last 2 years I’ve really pushed myself to achieve PBs (I was just nervous about pushing myself). I’m nowhere near the fastest runner but I’m determined and I always have fun which I think is so important. I started my running journey to get healthier and support my mental health. I grew up with alot of spinal difficulties but it wasnt until 2016 when I was finally diagnosed with a double spine curvature, reversed curve in the neck and lumbar scoliosis. My running journey isn’t always straightforward but I’m always honest about this on my instagram. I spent so many years growing up being ashamed of my uneven back when I should have embraced being unique.
Running gives me that freedom and keeps me motivated, I will never let my condition define me. I will always be a runner