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Ellie Wardell

Ellie Wardell (she/her) is a trail runner based in London. Influenced by her ultra-running dad, she started running in her youth, albeit sporadically, but became truly hooked upon completing her first half marathon in 2018. Her running resumé includes two half marathon wins, a 3:15 solo marathon, the ‘accumulator’ challenge, two ultra wins, and 3rd lady in her latest ultra in October. Ellie attributes her running successes more to her accrued mental resilience than perceived physical ability; akin to the popular adage that ultras are 90% mental.

Ellie believes protecting the trails and natural environment should be the running community’s raison d’être. Runners should care about climate change, because we so directly interact with nature. Trail runs, road runs, park runs, FKTs, organised events – all outdoor activities – are threatened by what’s going on right now. We need to channel our deep love and appreciation for wild places into tangible ways to protect them, now and for future.

Henceforth, combining her passions of running and sustainability, Ellie aspires to devote her events and challenges to raising awareness, funding for non-profits, and influencing policies. In fact, inspired by Agis Emmanouil, Ellie will be running 135 miles from London to the Running Show to raise awareness about climate change. From wearing second-hand clothes, repaired and renewed shoes, to sourcing surplus food as snacks, Ellie aspires to run as sustainably as possible all whilst raising funds for Protect Our Winters’s – a non-profit run by athletes for athletes to achieve systemic solutions to climate change.

Please consider supporting this challenge, and Protect Our Winters, via this link. Many thanks in advance! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/TPChallenge2022?utm_campaign=lc_frp_share_transaction_transactional_–_page_launched_–_charity&utm_content=9706f749-f81c-477f-a5f1-77500c90d655&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1639849849861