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Holly Cross

Hello, my name is Holly Cross. I am 13 years old and I have a passion for running. I have been running ever since I was 7 and with the help of my parents who are my coaches and my AMAZING teammates I am still running now! My coach really motivates me, (my dad) he always helps me when I feel sad and always goes out running with me or cycles beside me. Over the past couple of years I have achieved many national titles and I have been on the national podium many times too. My current achievements are: Northen road relays champions, national road relays champions. In this event we got an interview from the one and only crickcast and an amazing plunger. We became national champions and our b team came 2nd place. I also got the fastest leg out of the whole event by 19 seconds! We then went on to the northen cross country relays were both teams came 1st and 2nd again and we got presented with trophies. We then went onto the national hoping to hold our title. We did, I got the 3rd fastest leg of the whole race and our team won. We got interviewed again by crickcast and got amazing t-shirts. I have done the national cross country when I was in year 5 before covid hit and I came 3rd. I went on the national podium and got presented with a trophy by Jenny Meadows an ex GB athlete. After Covid I then went in the year 7 national cross country and gained a place higher and came 2nd! I got a medal for that. Before covid I did the ISA national 600m and I came 1st with a PB of 1.54 the fastest time in the country at u11. I then did the ISA cross country and I got 3rd in the country and got presented with a big medal. I then went on to the British one mile championships where I won, after falling over at the start and cutting my knees open I got back up and won. I went on the national podium outside Buckingham palace ^^ image above. I then got interviewed for the TV. I then went to the great Manchester run where I won and got a big trophy in 2019, this year in October I came back to defend my title and I did by 30 seconds and I broke the tape. My mum and dad have trained international athletes before and are hoping that the group who they are training now will become that standard soon. I would be honoured to be an ambassador for the National Running Show and my mum and dad would invite the whole group for a day out if my application gets accepted. Thank you so much for reading – Holly Cross