25–26 Jan 2025 185 days to go! #RunShow

The Power of a Good Outfit

charlotte-the-power-of-a-good-outfitOne thing I will say about clothes is that they can have a lot of power. I know for a fact that this isn’t just a female thing after watching my husband preening in the mirror about how good he looks now that he is running and in all his new running gear.

That being said, what you wear can have a massive impact on your attitude to the run and the way in which you run.

For me it started with a few really bad pairs of trainers and some gear that used to slide/rise when you run. My first pair of leggings were cheap. They are a great pair of walking leggings but the moment that I started to run I had to actively hold onto them. Running holding on to your clothing is really not a sexy or even slightly normal look. It took me about five minutes and several weird “what are you doing?” looks from passers-by to realise that I needed to go shopping. My next two pairs fit great in the changing room and I could run in them on the spot, so brilliant job done… or not. The moment I started to lose weight because I was running it came straight off my waist, so whilst the rest of the leggings fit great I ended up with the same problem, sinking waists. Cut to the pair I now have. Skin tight a size smaller than I normally wear every day and… they have a draw string on the waist! I never thought that something so simple could bring me so much joy. I can now run free!

As for trainers it was really simple, invest in a good pair if you want to run a lot. It is worth it every single time. No questions. My current pair took care of a niggling knee problem and back issues I was having. If you are running on tarmac, then make sure that they have something to absorb the shock!

And if you are anything like me then make your outfit as much like you as possible. I run way better in my stupidly bright and loud colours than I ever did in my crappy t-shirts and joggers. It has to be bright and it has to be loud because that is the way I dress normally anyway!