25–26 Jan 2025 328 days to go! #RunShow

Winter is coming!

With the winter nights drawing in very quickly, my motivation really does start to dwindle and today I realised one of the possible reasons why. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast I run the winter seems to be out to get me!

No joke, the better I get the colder the weather gets and it honestly feels like there is a little weather man somewhere laughing at me!

But I have come up with a solution, as much as my entire body hates it. Layers! the warmer I am the more inclined I am to run, so out come the gloves, the ear warmers, the scarves and the jumpers all so that I might be able to maintain this running pace that I have gathered over the summer.

Days of my life have been spent gathering all the tools that I need and I refuse to give in. Come March I will be able to run a half marathon even if it kills me at the end. Ha! At this rate it honestly might.

But weather you will not defeat me!