25–26 Jan 2025 216 days to go! #RunShow

Post-Holiday Run

OK so I found out over the last week that even if you go on holiday for a short time, if you don’t run then it is going to take time to get back up to the pace you were at.

The reason that this surprised me is because it wasn’t exactly a lazy trip. We walked over 50 miles during our time away and yet it still didn’t help. I get back after 7 days away from running, count that, seven days! Only to find that the most that I can run is 2 miles. I feel completely defeated and deflated. If I could think of other D words I would use them too but suffice to say I felt pretty rubbish when I get in. I did make myself walk the remaining few miles home but this was not good at all.

The net run was better, but to be honest still not up to the pace I had been used to. Five miles and lots and lots of motivating talk in my head. Does anyone else do this, give them selves the “Yes I can” talk. Trust me if you say no it really wouldn’t surprise me, but it is definitely something that got me through that day.

I am also a fan of visualising the next portion of your route in order to keep going, this really helps me keep going and is often the reason that I struggle with a new route.

Finally after a week and I half I have been able to get to my eight mile point with some real work but the cold is setting in and I have a funny feeling that this is only going to make motivation harder, lets watch this space and see.

Have a great run week all!