25–26 Jan 2025 276 days to go! #RunShow


So for the most of the Winter, I think my body decided as it was too cold outside it was going to give me as many possible problems as it could to stop me from going running. I am not going to bore you with the details of wisdom teeth infections and one of the worse cases of flu to chest infection that I have had, but suffice to say I was a little bit grateful as it meant I didn’t have to wrap up warm to run. On the other hand I did, for the first time, start to get the bug to get out and run as I was starting to get better. Not something I experienced before but it has meant that I am doing a fair bit of research into which cold winter clothing I am going to need when I do run in the really cold weather.

First on my list is going to be a very cosy headband which covers my ears! They rest of me will warm up on a run but oh my, do my ears get cold!

Next is going to be a new pair of trainers, as much as the anxiety is going to get to me about the amount of time they will take to break in and the effect that has on my run; I can’t really last much longer in my current ones which are falling apart a little. To be fair to them they have lasted all year and been constantly run in.

I also think for the super cold weather it would be worth investing in something slightly more insulated on the leg. Having super cold legs as I run is really not helping me at all, please don’t ask me to give you the science behind it but it feels really rubbish.

I will do the research, try some stuff and report back. Watch this space people.