25–26 Jan 2025 334 days to go! #RunShow

Before the first half!

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Hi All!

So we are currently less than 48hrs out from my very first race and I have to be honest I am absolutely bricking it!

I am very determined that all I want to be able to do is run the whole thing, no walking, just running but I am currently not confident that this will actually happen. The closer that we get to the day the more nervous that I get. All the runs that I have done in the last few weeks are presenting problems. From just not having the energy to complete my 10k to fighting the wind and just not finding the right frame of mind. I have to be honest the hardest part of this run for me is going to be having the mental capacity to get through it on my own. I like running at home with other people but when it comes to racing I don’t think I really realised that I like having someone I know with me. Though I have no doubt after this run I will probably say the complete opposite! Ha!

God I sound like doom and gloom! I promise that I am not! I think in some ways all of this preparation is helping me to understand that the reason that I am feeling more confident in myself is because I have been able to push what I thought was my barrier. If I can do this on Sunday I am going to be so chuffed with myself.

If you are coming to the Swansea Half on Sunday and you see me running I am sorry if I look completely miserable but I am not lying when I say that I have the worst running face ever! I honestly look like I am having the worst time when in actual fact I am loving it! If you are going to be there please say hi I would love to meet you all!

In far more positive news I actually managed to go for a run on the longest and hottest day of the year and I did not keel over! I am also very confident that I am in Love with the Run Mummy Run compression socks, they are pretty awesome!

Which reminds me, I am going to be sharing all my little race bits on our Instagram and Facebook so make sure to follow the National Running Show! And come and say hi!