25–26 Jan 2025 185 days to go! #RunShow

TrueStart Coffee

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After an epic weekend at the 401 Challenge Festival of Running, and having tested this product to the full, it seemed only right that I should let you in on my findings.

I was lucky enough this weekend to get a personal best time, and I have to say that I think that is in some part due to the fact that I have been drinking TrueStart. I have also found that by eating their bars, I get less of a crash after I run. I have been eating them directly after. Not only do the oats in the bars give me a slow release of energy, but the coffee in them has been stopping me from getting that low that I have been experiencing when I stop running.

I have been doing a bit of reading recently with all of my running niggles, trying to find ways to combat the various things that start to happen when you run on a more regular basis. Coffee seems to be high on everyone’s list, but there are so many different ways of getting that boost you need from the caffeine. There are a lot of chemical ways to enhance the way that the body reacts to running, but for me the more natural way has always been the way to go, and I see no reason that this should change with coffee.

As for the coffee itself, I have used this on a few races and runs. Every time I have used it, it seems to have given me a consistent level of alertness that I don’t appear to find with other products. I used it right before I started The 401 Challenge on both days, and apart from the fact that I was attempting to complete the most running I have ever done in one weekend, I managed to get a personal best!

At the moment they are only selling instant coffee on the site, but this is definatley a company to keep an eye on; they have some amazing things in the pipeline and if the instant coffee and the bars are anything to go by, then you need to try everything they do!Even our cynic the Raccoon Runner has been convinced!