25–26 Jan 2025 330 days to go! #RunShow

1000 Miles done!

Happy New Year everyone!

So, 2017 is done and what a year it’s been! Strava tells me that I ran 911 miles in 2017 but when you add in all the treadmill training I was doing at the start of the year I’ve run the following:

  • 126 runs
  • 1191.46 miles
  • 212.75 hours of running
  • My average run is about 9.5 miles and 1hour 40 mins

Some of the highlights:

  • Birmingham Marathon dressed as a raccoon
  • Farnham to Bournemouth with some mates (45 miles)
  • Endure 24 (80 Miles)
  • My 100-mile run in November

Before 2017 I’d only run further than a marathon in one go once so this was a big year for me. I still don’t look like an athlete and I’ve literally lost 2 lbs of weight all year but hey I’m having fun!

So… what’s next?!?

In a few days we’ll be setting off on the Towpath Challenge, running from London to Birmingham in 5 days. This is the equivalent of 5 marathons in 5 days and we arrive just in time for the launch of the National Running Show. There are some super cool people doing the run with me and I am so excited about it!  My knee is still a little sore from the 100 miles I did in November I had to take a few weeks of training in December but I’m hoping my legs will remember how to run that far and I won’t hold everyone back!

See you all at the National Running Show on 20 & 21 January! If I’m hobbling around the place because my legs are broken then please give me some sympathy!