25–26 Jan 2025 221 days to go! #RunShow

“Move Better! Run Better! Run Faster!”

Introducing The Movement & Running School

The Movement & Running School’s ethos is simple; first they teach you to run, then they teach you to run faster, regardless of age, ability level or state of physical wellness.

The Movement & Running School believes that running is a life skill and just like any other skill it can be taught, it can be developed, and it can be improved through a systematic and progressive training approach.

Many people believe that running & running speed is something you are born with and is the most natural thing to do after walking, and in most cases they would be right; The Movement & Running School believe everyone has their own unique running style. However most people haven’t been taught how to run and our Western lifestyle promotes poor movement patterns, leaving us susceptible to injury and unable to achieve our full running potential.

The Movement & Running School is able to offer its services to everyone and is not reserved for professional athletes as some may assume; everyone is treated as an individual and provided with the quality of coaching and resources that are usually reserved for the elite, but tailored to their specific goals and ability levels.

The Movement & Running School Works in Three Progressive Steps:

Move Better: Whether the individual is a beginner or someone who is returning from injury, it is likely they are not moving as well as they need to be. One of the first things The Movement & Running School does is a detailed Biomechanical Analysis and Functional Movement Analysis. Through this, weaknesses and movement issues are identified.

Run Better: The Movement & Running School starts off, regardless of the individual’s level, by teaching them efficient running technique and changing their movement patterns. This is achieved through unique coaching methodology and training methods, to help them accomplish their goals.

Run Faster: Once the individual’s technique and movement efficiency have improved then The Movement & Running School can work on improving their speed. This is based on their objectives, event and of course, on the time and commitment that they have to training, strength and recovery. The Movement & Running School have developed a number of different speed protocols which are used successfully with both amateur and professional athletes.

Are you a beginner runner who finds running to be painful?  An experienced runner who is always getting injured? A senior who would like to improve fitness and balance? A professional athlete who wants to develop speed and acceleration? Does your child lack the movement skills needed to be confident in sport? Have you recently sustained an injury and looking to benefit from the best rehabilitation available? Then book into The Movement & Running School, where there truly is something to gain for everyone.

Come and see the Movement & Running School at the Run Clinic at the National Running Show.