I have 8 days to go until Endure 24!!!! In 8 days time I’m going to be running 5 mile laps around a course for 24 hours and I’m going to try and do 20 laps (100 miles).

This is by far the furthest I will have ever run and to say I’m a bit nervous is an understatement! Training has been a bit rocky, my nutrition is frankly awful and I haven’t done enough mileage.

Yet weirdly I’m strangely confident. I think I can do this. All of the problems around the event I’ve tried to turn into positives:

Outdoor cross-country running in early sunrise concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyle

So yeah, in just over a week I’ll be at the start line and I will do this thing.

Coming up short is not an option.

Someone said to me that if I make 75 miles that’s still an achievement.

It’s not.

I want to do 100.

Sure I’m not a proper ultra-runner and one of those waif like guys that just eats tofu all day and doesn’t touch alcohol but if I fail it had better be because I was carried away on a stretcher.

I am running for an amazing charity and that will keep me going through the tough bits. If you get a moment then please visit my fundraising page and give whatever you can: