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Active Worm

Active Worm is a health & wellness company dedicated to your health, physically, mentally & spiritually with the main attraction being our ergonomically designed Percussion Therapy Muscle Massager which performs percussive vibrational impacts by repeatedly striking the muscle up to 50 times a second penetrating 11mm soft muscle tissue Weighing in at only 0.8g, operating at a noise level of 45DB and a working time of 4.5 hours, earns Active Worm the title of having the lightest, quietest and most efficient muscle recovery massager on the market helping you to: . Release knots in the muscle . Break up scar tissue and repair muscle tissue . Alleviate aches & pains in sore/tight muscles . Dissipate shoulder pain, increasing range of motion . Minimises lactic acid buildup in the bloodstream . Recover faster from an intense workout or physical activity . Speed up the recovery time from muscle injuries . Helps you to relax your neck, back & shoulders after a hard day at work . Can help with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow plus many more Percussion therapy is used by chiropractors, massage/physiotherapist & top athletes around the world but has always been an expensive time-consuming treatment to have But now, because of Active Worm, you can carry your own mini-massage therapist with you wherever you go and use at your own convenience for instant pain relief at an affordable price that doesn’t break the piggy bank… It is our mission to help as many people as possible experience this life-changing breakthrough technology helping them to live a more fulfilling pain-free life! We have an activewear and yoga wear range. Active Worm Muscle Recovery Made Simple.