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Barefoot Science insoles

All About Balance is excited to introduce Barefoot Science insoles, a patented in-shoe training system that progressively activates nerves and muscles from the soles of the feet upwards. A responsive arch and an efficient proprioceptive system more efficiently handle the demands and stresses of bodyweight while running or walking, demonstrably improve balance and assist with propulsion for each stride. Barefoot Science insoles patented dome shape situated under the mid-arch gently and progressively stimulates the neuromuscular system with every stride. Running efficiency is increased, injury risk is reduced and conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, flat feet, over pronation and foot related knee, hip, back and shoulder problems are relieved. Forget everything you thought you knew about corrective footwear, Barefoot Science insoles are simply placed inside your running shoes so you can build strength safely while going about your normal training and running programme, moving as if you were running or walking the way nature intended: barefoot! Neil and Stuart of All About Balance are respectively an MSK Podiatrist and a Sports Therapist with over 30 years each of experience treating runners from ‘couch to 5K’ starters to Olympic athletes. Come and visit us on Stand E92. We love chatting about feet, biomechanics, injuries, injury prevention and movement!