9/10 people in the UK don’t drink enough water. That means you probably need to HYDRATE!

Especially if you want to get the most out of your run!

Often when running our bodies loose more fluid at a quicker rate. Fluids that not only contain water but essential electrolytes, salts and minerals too. If the fluids are not replaced you may experience changes in the following;

Body temperature will increase.

Physical fatigue happens faster

Muscle and tendon soreness

Loss of lucidity


VIDEO HERE?  https://clinova.app.box.com/file/792698797600


That’s where ORS Comes in!


Official Hydration Supplier of Tottenham Hotspur. Certified by Informed Sport.

O.R.S Hydration tablets contain everything you need to replenish your reserves before during and after an intense running session. A low-calorie mix of electrolytes that allows your body to hydrate FASTER and helps you stay hydrated for LONGER.


How does it work?


Reduced hydration levels result in a loss of fluids and vital components. This causes low sodium levels in the body.  Sodium absorption encourages water absorption through a process called electrolyte driven osmosis. Because sodium is absorbed  better in the presence of glucose and electrolytes.  O.R.S Provides correct mixture of low calorie (17.2 kcal) glucose, electrolytes and salts to help sodium absorption, proven to be the fastest way to restore a healthy level of hydration.

Interested in the science behind ORS? Watch this: (MOA video link)https://app.box.com/s/ahcwgkbl5ck8w7c96jafkfgmxq446t5c


ORS are formulated to follow World Health Organisation oral rehydration solution guidelines, easy to drop into your bottle of water for a complete solution to rehydration without the unwanted sugar.  Boosted with vitamin D and magnesium to reduce fatigue and support efficient muscle function.


Throw some ORS in your bottle before your next run and see for yourself!


When water isn’t enough. Drop. Dissolve. Drink.


For hydration and running tips, stay up to date on all things O.R.S Hydration: https://www.instagram.com/orshydration/


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