25–26 Jan 2025 243 days to go! #RunShow

Endure Stronger

Endure Stronger is here to tell you: there’s no magic pill, shoes, recovery drink, or insole that will compensate for inherent weakness in how you move. If you want to #RunTilYoure100, it’s time to discover strength training.


The Endure Stronger Strength Zone will be running interactive sessions to find your individual weaknesses and vulnerabilities- and show you how to conquer them for good.


If you’re one of the 8 out of 10 runners who suffer unnecessary injuries every year – this is the stand to go to make sure it never happens again.


Learn the basics of dumbbells, kettlebells and barbell lifts from the one of the best strength coaches for runners in the country. 


Practice Pilates with a chartered physiotherapist and consultant who specialises in runner’s issues and is a pro at helping you conquer them.


Be entertained and learn from some of the show’s most inspirational speakers as they discuss their strength training routines in live interviews on the stand with the hosts of the popular Endure Stronger podcast. 


Injury knocks ten weeks of training off the average runner’s calendar. Not us. Now, not you either.


Endure Stronger are leading an all-out rebellion against injury and weakness. Visit the Endure Stronger Strength and Training Zone and see how you can push your running to the next level.