Launched in lockdown 2020, exhale is the UK’s first speciality coffee to be sourced and roasted to maximise it’s health benefits, all done in the most sustainable way.

With nothing added to, or taken away from their coffee, it tastes as delicious as any other speciality grade coffee. But through their process involving 9 rounds of lab testing at independent labs across Europe, exhale have found a coffee that tested much higher in polyphenols than any other, is one of the richest sources of niacin in our diets and is free from any nasties such as mycotoxins and pesticides.

Their favourite test was the final one testing their coffee’s antioxidant power comparing it to some of the healthiest foods available in the supermarket. 1 cup of exhale coffee tested to have the equivalent antioxidant power of 12 punnets of blueberries, 55 oranges or 1.8kg of kale!

Run by runners with big ambitions, they want to use exhale coffee to support athletes’ health and wellness, while also using the longer lasting caffeine high gained from a high polyphenol coffee to help runners smash PB after PB!

Events attending

South 2021
17th - 18th July 2021
Stand: C11