The Lonely Goat Running Club is an online running community, open to any age, any ability.

It’s designed for those who don’t have the time to join organised running groups. This may be due to work, social or family commitments but still want to be part of a thriving community of like minded people.

Unlike many other online running community and running information websites, Lonely Goat RC is a real running club that allows our members to represent the club, both when training and in organised races.

The focus is not to win team events and trophies. It’s about representing the club’s values that are ingrained within everything we do. To support and inspire others and to achieve personal goals. By combining those values, Lonely Goat RC members have a sense of togetherness that exists when training alone, in groups or in races.

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Events attending

South 2021
11th - 12th September 2021
Stand: TBC
Birmingham 2022
22nd - 23rd January 2022
Stand: J77
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