McLEAR is the leading wearable technology company for payments, security, and fashion globally and the inventor of the Smart Ring. The company was founded in 2012 in the UK and released NFC Ring® to the world in mid-2013 – kick-starting the entire smart ring space.
McLEAR prominently showcased the world’s first payment ring alongside Visa at the Rio Olympics followed by key feature events such as Super Bowl 51, Eurovision 2017, FIFA Confederate Cup 2017 and the GRAMMY Gift Lounge 2018. McLEAR is in Strategic Alliance with Visa Inc launching its Visa Pre-Paid consumer programme, available to UK citizens.

McLEAR has delivered more than 350,000 smart rings worldwide. McLEAR works in partnership with Visa, Gemalto, Infineon, and other financial and technology institutions.

Our innovation made it possible for a ring to provide access control, personal interaction and now, make contactless payments with the touch of a hand. There’s no need to carry money when out for a jog in the morning, no need to reach for your wallet or phone when dashing through the underground. Just raise your hand, tap your ring and away you go.

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Birmingham 2022
22nd - 23rd January 2022
Stand: L38
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