25–26 Jan 2025 220 days to go! #RunShow

ERC Conversations: Empowerment, Representation, Community

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Emancipated Run Crew

Please come and meet members of the Emancipated Run Crew who will be sharing their stories on how they got involved in running and the impacts of being part of a running community like ERC. Hear how our members went from couch potatoes and 5k surfers to marathon runners; from injured and out to embarking on their triathlon journeys; female and diversity – representation in ultras, running through menopause, the importance of community to support mental health and more.

Saturday 20th January

How to get started in running – our journeys on how we came to running

12-1.00pm: Zero to Hero : Can you really go from not running at all, to running a marathon within a year – and not as a result of a dare or running for charity? Our member’s journey from regular sofa hugger to running addiction! (Stephen D’Souza)

2-3.00pm: Couch to Marathon : our members recounts their journeys from the limiting beliefs they had about themselves following life changing seasons and the desire to make a difference and fulfil the goals they had about themselves, to running a marathon and the impacts this has had; (Zandi Ndlovu & Rachel McKoy)

4-5.00pm: The Ultra Experience :members share their trials and tribulations in their quest to conquer (several) ultra marathons in 2023 and the position of women (and black women in particular) in the ultra marathon space. (Taz Tudor & Dina Loufimpou)

Sunday 21st January

The reality of running through challenges

10-11.00am: Coping through injury : members discuss the frustrating and often painful experience of sitting out due to injury and their coping mechanisms throughout this season, sharing their tips on how to stay active (and mentally positive) during injury. (John Stephenson  & Michelle Edwards)

12-1.00pm Running and The Menopause Journey : we need to talk about the menopause! Members share their personal stories of the challenges and joy of running during or just after menopause, useful insights are given not just for women but for those with male partners too!  (Carol Johnson & Donna Prendergast)

2.00-3.00pm Running and Mental Health from the Male Perspective : men are often not encouraged to speak about their emotions, but we tackle this head on by seeking to discuss how running helps support positive mental health from the male perspective. Our panel share some personal and impactful stories about the mental resilience and support found through running. (Trojan Gordon, Greg Patmore & Lionel Mullin)