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iFoot Healthcare – Foot Scanning & Bespoke Orthotic

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iFoot are the only clinic in the country that offers Footcare, Bespoke Orthotics, Foot Scanning, Shockwave Therapy and a Bespoke Shoe Service. If you are in pain or you are suffering with your feet and you have reached the end of the road then look no further!

Shockwave Therapy Treatment

The Miracle Cure! Works on any part of the body. Repairs damaged muscles and soft tissue and gives relief almost immediately. It relieves pain such as arthritic joints & gout. Carpal tunnel, bakers Cyst.

Foot Scanning

This enables us to see a better understanding of the way your body is performing relating to your gait.  It gives Enertor who make our orthotics graphs to study and 3d images with a video to give you the best devices possible.  Foot Scanning is as close to that of a 3rd of a human hair which gives you confidence in us and the technology that we use. Leg discrepancy and many other factors are recorded and picked up from scanning the feet and this cannot be done when using treadmills, foam boxes and heating devices which are moulded to the foot  When looking at your scan we can diagnose your problem and then go onto giving you your bespoke product or treatment.

Bespoke Orthotics

We upholster and make custom made orthotics. Enertor is the manufacturer. Our foot specialist works very closely with Bente who is the founder of Enertor. We listen to our customers which enables us to build a treatment plan and then to create your devices, you will need a consultation and a foot scan for us to do this.