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Gait Analysis

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Chiltern Physiotherapy

Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. Poor foot position can cause pain in your feet, knees, hips and lower back, as well as balance issues and poor posture. So many runners suffer recurrent niggles and injuries that could be prevented by correct foot position and biomechanics.

Specialist custom 3D printed orthotics loved by elite athletes but beneficial for EVERYONE!

Phits 3D printed insoles are the choice of elite athletes such as Lily Partridge, Charlotte Purdue, Aly Dixon, Natasha Cockram, Tom Evans, Ben Connor and Steph Davis.

Orthotic assessment with our expert Phits™ certified physiotherapists includes a gait analysis using a high speed footscan® (force platform) system that monitors the mechanics of your feet to identify any asymmetries or abnormalities, providing detailed information that simply cannot be seen with the human eye. The footscan® technology intuitively translates this dynamic data into the Phits Insole design to complement the expert knowledge of our physiotherapists and your personalised orthotics are then 3D printed to fit your exact requirements.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, our 3D printed Phits insoles will help your feet adopt the correct foot position, improve your movement efficiency and minimise your risk of injury. They are protected by D3O®, the leading impact protection material, which offers maximal shock absorption, comfort and extreme durability.

Orthotics can reduce pain by relieving pressure from the painful areas. The footscan® (force platform) system highlights where the forces are transmitted through your feet while you are in motion. We are able to see areas of excessive force that can be source of your problems and reduce these forces with orthotics to prevent problems before they even happen.

Orthotics aren’t just beneficial for pain relief, they are widely used as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of injury, minimise fatigue and improve running performance.

No two feet are the same – including yours! Unlike ‘off the shelf’ orthotics, our Phits™ orthotics are specific to each individual foot, and not a ‘generic’ pair.