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Multi-Day Ultra Running Masterclass

Sponsored by

Ourea Events

Ourea Events organises some of the world’s most challenging and highly regarded multi-day ultra-running events. This includes the Montane Dragon’s Back Race®, the Cape Wrath Ultra® and the SILVA Northern Traverse®.

When the Dragon’s Back Race® was resurrected in 2012, no one could have predicted the impact and reach of this event within the worldwide trail and mountain running community. Ourea Events can rightfully claim to have played a pivotal role in the rise of ultra-running events and is widely acknowledged as the gold standard race organiser.

Multi-day ultras are famously hard to complete, but this doesn’t mean impossible. With encouragement, training and the right approach most capable runners will be able a start with a good chance of success.

In these Multi-Day Ultra Running Masterclass sessions, we draw upon the experience of past participants and experts so that you can unleash your true potential when you start your next multi-day ultra-race.


10:30 – Hugh Chatfield – Winner of the Dragon’s Back Race®

11:30 – Vassos Alexander – Dragon’s Back Race® participant, journalist and author

12:30 – Marcus Scotney – Winner of the Dragon’s Back Race® and Cape Wrath Ultra®

13:30 – Jo Meek – Winner of the Cape Wrath Ultra®

14:30 – Mzukisi ‘Zukie’ Tandathu – Dragon’s Back Race® participant and representative of the Black Trail Runners

15:30 – James Nobles  – Winner of the Dragon’s Back Race® and SILVA Northern Traverse™


11:30 – Robyn Cassidy – Winner of the Dragon’s Back Race®

13:30 – Lisa Watson – Winner of the Dragon’s Back Race® and SILVA Northern Traverse™

14:30 – Renee McGregor – Sport’s Dietitian, ultra-runner and author

15:00 – Jasmin Paris – Winner of the Dragon’s Back Race® and Co-founder of the Green Runners

15:30 – Beth Pascall – Dragon’s Back Race® participant and Bob Graham Round record holder