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Pain Free zone

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Our Biomechanics Assessment examines the major muscles, nerves and individual bone structures, such as the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet. Using normative values we determine areas of weakness or abnormal function to help steer clients to a pathway of pain-free function and improve performance. In addition we examine your Intrinsic Biomechanics, to assess potential risk of injury and performance limiters such as muscles not working properly or working too hard.

Book yourself in for a biomechanics assessment, testing either your:

  1. Posture and foot mechanics using inclinometers 
  2. Joint Force Profiling using dynamometers 
  3. Performance Assessment using Force Plates.

The pain free clinic provides a comprehensive assessment to give an insight into your potential injury risk and ways in which you could improve your movement efficiency.

Book in for one, two or all three of our assessments to understand how and why your body moves. 

Anyone who books into an assessment will have the ability to have a call with the team after the weekend to see what measures can be taken to ensure pain free, efficient movement. 

Book your hip and knee assessment here: https://calendly.com/brick-programming/hip-and-knee-assessment

Book your ankle and foot assessment here: https://calendly.com/brick-programming/posture-and-foot-mechanics-assessment

Book your posture assessment here: https://calendly.com/brick-programming/postural-assessment

If you’re competitive, why not come down and try to set the record in our acceleration test. There are prizes up for grabs so don’t miss out!

For more information in advance, do not hesitate to reach out and email us on: [email protected] or check us out on instagram: @brickprogramming.