25–26 Jan 2025 221 days to go! #RunShow

The Strength Zone

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Renovate Wellness

  • Are you one of the 80% of runners who get injured every year?
  • Are you fed up of constant niggles interfering with your training and preventing you from achieving your running goals?
  • Spent more time cheering on your friends rather than participating in events?

Running, especially long distance running is catabolic – it breaks down muscle! Without running specific strength training you will gradually get weaker and injuries will become the norm. Strength and conditioning training is ESSENTIAL to help you avoid injury and run faster, further and stronger and smash your running goals!

Renovate Wellness is a boutique gym set up by physiotherapist and avid runner Nicky Edwards (who is speaking at the show) and her physiotherapist husband to help support runners of all abilities to reach their full potential. Whether that be participating in their first park run, running their first ½ or full marathon, or trying to smash a new PB over a particular distance.

Renovate on Demand’ is our brand new online service offering physiotherapist designed exercise videos specifically for runners. Choose from a quick 5min blast to a full 45min workout. There’s a huge variety to choose from such as Pilates, HIIT, Kettle bells, Body Weight Training, Low impact Strength Training, Resistance Band sessions, Flexibility & Stretching sessions, Running Form drills and so much more!

At the show we are hosting FREE mini sessions for you to join in and experience the benefits of ‘renovating’ your body!

Timetable coming soon…