25–26 Jan 2025 197 days to go! #RunShow

Annie Moseley

Those who know me, know I’m outdoors all the time.  If I could make the outdoors my office, I’d be a happy girl!  Having been an avid cyclist for the past few years, completing several 100 mile rides (and a 207 miler in one day!) I was advised to find an alternative activity when I sustained a coccyx injury in a cycling accident.  I’ve always been a keen walker and it seemed a natural progression to give running a go.  Like most people, I started off with a 5K then progressed from there.  I’m not an all singing/dancing runner with a string of glittering achievements behind me – I’m what you’d call a “recreational” runner.  I run purely for me and for fun!  I ditched the PBs and run-streaks long ago and now I run for gin, cake, friends and for the sheer love of running and the outdoors (and so I can legitimately buy more lycra).  Sometimes I run a couple of miles, other times a half or marathon but each time I go out, I go on my own terms and at my own speed.  If I bump into people I know en-route, I’m happy to stop and chat and most days you will see me out and about in my running kit, either walking the dog, or trooping along a canal towpath for a long run with my husband, SkortedMan!

I’m a huge fan of the National Running Show and everything they have achieved to date.  You will most like find me in one of three places during the show – the coffee stand in the middle, Flanci, or the Flapjackery – just three of the amazing companies that the show supports.

I look forward to meeting you all!