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Douglas Emslie

When Douglas Emslie isn’t serving as Managing Director of London-based Tarsus Group, a global company with 180 exhibitions, he is focusing on another one of his passions – running marathons.

The first marathon he tackled 3 decades ago when he was in university in his home country of Scotland. He ran the Glasgow Marathon in 3 hours and 27 minutes.

He was scheduled to run the following year’s marathon and was on track to run around 3 hours, when he was injured a week before.

After that, running marathons was put aside while he focused on his career and eventually growing a worldwide, successful company.

Three decades later, the siren call of running pulled him in again and 4 years ago he started running marathons to prove he could still do them and raise money for good causes along the way.

Since then, he’s done 10 marathons, 2 ultra marathons and 16 half’s. with his best marathon time scored at 3:50 last October.

“I really enjoy the disciple of training and the fact that where ever you are you can just pack your trainers and get out and run. whether it’s Las Vegas or Shanghai it’s a fun way to see parts of cities you wouldn’t otherwise see,” Douglas said.

Douglas said it’s important for him to run for charities because he has been fortunate in his own life and believes in giving back as much as he can.

“I believe in helping local charities, like NWW Committee for Community Living (which he will be running for in this year’s Boston Marathon), where you can make a difference and can have a direct connection with the people you are helping,” he added.

Douglas lives outside of London with his wife, Caroline, and children – Iona (21), Cameron (19) and Elliot (17).