25–26 Jan 2025 245 days to go! #RunShow

Eric Keeler

Eric’s running journey first started as a way to turn my life around. He put himself in hospital from many years of alcohol abuse and someone suggested that a run a marathon. The training routine, people and experience would help with the transition into a healthier lifestyle. So, reluctantly, he signed up with a charity (Spinal Research), to run the London Marathon back in 2013. From that point on he was hooked. Not so much on the physical side of it, but connecting with amazing people taking part in the events and actually being able to relate with people outside of his old lifestyle bubble.

He spent the following few years trying to outdo my largest distances in races. Half, full, 50km, 50 mile and 100k. He became addicted to trying to constantly outdo himself until the races at the larger distances started getting few and far between. So he decided to actually create his (unknown) lifelong dream. To run across the USA. So that’s what he did. He began on the 29th April 2018 and finished on the 3rd December the same year. He covered 3,646 miles crossed 16 states, survived being run off the road by Semi Trucks, tornados, hurricane-force winds, snowstorms and wild animal encounters.

One of the things he has taken away from this incredible experience is the desire to bring people together through running, especially people like himself from 6 years ago who could never have imagined themselves doing something like this.

Eric’s plans now that he has returned for the amazing challenge is to create virtual running events that are open to everyone, especially those with physical disabilities, who can compete on a level playing field with fully abled people. Create a support community for new runners to help keep them going throughout their own running journey.