25–26 Jan 2025 197 days to go! #RunShow

Hayley Hamill (aka Mums That Can)

I moved up Luton 2 years ago and as a first time mum (Noah 10 months) was very isolating at times. I set up “mums that can” a Facebook page in January promoting local fitness and walks for mums. Which led on to starting my own small local personal training company “hhfitnessandwellbeing” where mums can go to local parks or in there gardens and train with their children. I am a big believer in helping mums mental health and wellbeing through exercise which gives them time to do something for them and not have to worry about childcare. I also run “mums to 5k” running groups, free local walks and a “fitbug” style class for mums and buggies. I look forward to what else this might lead to as so far it’s been so amazing and rewarding!