25–26 Jan 2025 244 days to go! #RunShow

John Ghent

Three years ago, amidst the global chaos of COVID-19, John discovered running and a technique known as “Jeffing.”
Named after its founder, Olympian Jeff Galloway, Jeffing is a run/walk method that combines periods of running with deliberate walking intervals. This technique allows runners to build up to longer distances gradually, without putting too much stress on the body. John stumbled upon Ultramarathons and Jeffing on YouTube during a particularly memorable firework night when he was locked in the dining room with his dog.

The beauty of Jeffing lies in its adaptability. As a busy father of four daughters and the owner of his own business, John needed a training method that could fit into his hectic schedule. Jeffing, with its flexible intervals and emphasis on active recovery, proved to be the perfect match.
In both running and life, John embodies the spirit of the ultramarathoner – pushing past limits, embracing the journey, and always moving forward, one Jeffing interval at a time.

Join John at The National Run Show as he shares his inspiring journey from a lockdown runner to an ultramarathoner and how the power of Jeffing can help you reach your own running goals.