25–26 Jan 2025 276 days to go! #RunShow

Jude Palmer

Jude is an England Athletics Trail / Fell Coach who gets her kicks from coaching people to find their love of running off road whether they have never run before or are preparing to beat a multi day event PB. She has run on her own, run in teams, run obstacle course races, run away from bears (not in Surrey!), run in all sorts of crazy weather, run in a wetsuit, fallen over, laughed a lot and sometimes cried a bit (usually when made to run on road).

A firm believer in the quality of experience and trail running being more than just running, she encourages runners to explore, play and get lost in a landscape. Jude sees the positive influence time spent in green, natural landscapes has on runners and thinks everyone should be trail running, so that they can enjoy both the mental and physical benefits. It is this passion that led her to found We Run Trail for the places we see, the people we meet and the stories we tell as trail runners and to build a community where runners regardless how fast or how far, whether trail, fell or mountain, can come together and find others to support and inspire them.

When not out on the trails, Jude will be found swimming wild in cold water, taking part in her favourite flavour of running races, swimrun or with her family  and Stan the Van in the Dolomites.