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Karla Gregory

Ran as teenager dipped in and out, around 2000 started running more seriously completed various runs 5k to half marathon.
Between 2000/2012 I was running coach run/walk and held number of beginners group,
2012 I was doing the next stage running coach course sadly just before end I had a car accident and had to stop running.
I then got diagnosed with PTSD following something.
Without running recovery was hard
Fast forward 2016 I completed ride 100 London/Surrey
2017 I finally had ballot place for VMLM i got back into running but alone. Sadly just before my PTSD hit me again and I deferred.
I decided to do it I had to get anxiety under control so completed EMDR.
The recovery I joined a women’s running group and really loved it and joined parkrun.
Then started meeting more people and engaging in social media with runners. 2018 I turned up ready for VMLM but boom about mile 5 I had what I thought was cramp carried on in pain and very slowly until just before mile 18 where I asked for medical support thinking still it was cramp – nope I was taken to hospital and told my pelvis was broken.
After few weeks I volunteered at park run then did parkrun and walked it which I continue to do & vary between volunteering and participating as a runner/Walker.
I was featured in Runners World for it recently.
I have a Facebook running with mental health illness group and strava group.
As a mental health professional/qualified Mental health nurse I really want to advocate more about mental health and running.
I’m now 12 wks since LM and while running is hard I’m building up with walk runs, swimming, gym & various classes. I have Totnes 10k soon and hope run richmond & royal parks,.
2019 I plan and hope to be back at LM I have a Facebook page of London Marathon my nemesis you will not beat me !
I ran last year in memory of Adrian Beaumont my friend killed on M5 16:9:17 his partner my friend gave me a lot of support and encouragement but sadly also died from the accident just before LM.
Also 2019 I plan to swim the serpentine so to claim my classics medal as 2019 I will be 50.
I hope my age, weight and experience inspires others to see running is for everyone.
I have to add the photo I attach includes a lady who gave up her LM to help me and we have become great friends.
I also completed OCR