25–26 Jan 2025 251 days to go! #RunShow

Sarah Hartley

I started running at University in 2018, after talking to a friend and us both wondering if we could run 5k in one go. It turned out we could (just about), but we then set ourselves the challenge of getting our time down from 45 minutes to 25, which we did! 4 years later and I’ve stepped up from 5k to 10 and beyond, completing my first marathon in October 2021, and then going on to complete my first ultra at Thailand by UTMB in December 2021. I’ve definitely caught the ultra bug now and have lots more races on my bucket list for the future! I love running because no matter how hard it feels or how long or short the run is, it is guaranteed to put me in a better mood and clear my head. Running has given me the escape I need when life gets hectic and it somehow never gets boring, even after 11 hours out on the mountains, there is fun to be had!