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Shelby Williams

Shelby has been a runner since childhood, captaining her sports team at junior school and winning her first running trophy at the age of 13. Now a voluntary running coach and leader for a local running group, Shelby’s approach to running and coaching is inclusive and fun, whilst encouraging people to be the best they can be which is why she believes she has maintained a large core group of runners who are on one hand at the competitive edge of running to the more recreational runner who enjoys running for the more social aspects. Having trained as a fitness instructor, Shelby also enjoys developing the strength and conditioning aspects of runners, which she believes is key to longevity in running.
Shelby is also a Mental Health Ambassador for UK Athleticsand recognises that people who have poor mental health may find the prospect of starting running or joining a group daunting. But she believes that if those barriers can be broken down through the right support, then running can help improve mental health. As a Guide Runner, Shelby is also keen to encourage people with a visual impairment to seek support so they can enjoy running to.
Over the years Shelby has enjoyed running around the world including in London as one of the first runners to cross the finish line at the Olympic Stadium; Las Vegas, Paris, New York and Canada.